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24 Aug

Latex jetset fly in for 2016 Montréal Fetish Weekend

Passion, fashion and kink-themed late-night parties are the order of the day when fetish lovers from around the world jet in for the Montréal Fetish Weekend, a throwback to the revelry of Montréal’s Sin City golden era. This year’s 12th annual Montréal Fetish Weekend has...

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Centre Eaton
19 Aug

Eaton Centre: Your starting place in the underground city

One of Montréal’s most famous treasures is the “Underground City, an underground pedestrian network right under the heart of the city that links metro stations to shopping plazas for over 32 kilometres (about 20 miles). It’s a lifesaver when you want to stroll, shop...

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12 Aug

Stuck on you: follow your feet to more fabulous #MTLmoments

If you are strolling around our fair and photogenic city, you’ve probably noticed some bright red #MTLmoments stickers in a bunch of places. We put them there to encourage you to share your favourite Montréal pics with, of course, the #MTLmoments hashtag. Ready, set,...

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10 Aug

Great Greek restaurants in Montréal

If breaking plates were allowed as seen in movies, Greek restaurants would be the most fun spots in town! Vandalism aside, Greek cuisine, although simple, is one of the...

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05 Aug

La Virée Classique: Symphony Under the Stars

The world-renowned Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal kicks off its fifth annual OSM Couche‐Tard Classical Spree festival with its big free outdoor concert for tens of thousands of classical-music lovers...

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