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18 Dec

Things to do in Montreal: December 19-January 8

Aaaah, finally, the holidays. Whether you’re celebrating your time off with friends or taking quality time with the family, Montreal’s got all the activities you could dream of. The next two weeks hold untold treasures, from last-minute Christmas fun to shows, outdoor adventures and...

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16 Dec

Montreal’s Parc Olympique Winter Village 2015

We can be comfortably certain that the African wise man or woman who coined the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” wasn’t figuring Montreal’s Olympic Park Winter Village into their observation. Still, as villages go, while our annual celebration of winter recreation may...

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11 Dec

Montreal’s Best Bûches de Noël

A common holiday tradition in Quebec is to finish a meal with a delicious bûche de noël (yule log). A rolled cake covered in chocolate and butter cream that resembles and representative of a decorative sacrificial piece of firewood once used to welcome the...

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montreal holiday
10 Dec

Montreal Holiday Shopping Guide

Whether it’s stuffing the stockings of others or being Santa to yourself, Montreal comes with a sleigh-full of holiday shopping options – from Christmas markets to bountiful boutiques to...

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Eva Blue
09 Dec

Montreal Holiday Food Guide

Montreal steps up its already considerable gastronomic game during the holiday season, infusing festive spirit into imaginative and innovative once-a-year offerings tailored to every appetite and taste…

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susan moss
04 Dec

Holiday Nightlife in Montreal

The magic of the season always shines a little more brightly at night, and Montreal evenings are virtually (and is some cases, almost literally) on fire with family friendly...

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