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24 Oct

MTLàTABLE: Where to dine and party all night long

Are you a night owl that enjoys a good brew and great grub? Then look no further for great ideas on where to dine and party during MTLàTABLE. Vue de notre bar principal, where all the action happens 😉 #mimilanuit #vieuxmontreal Photo Randall Brodeur...

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14 Oct

Montréal’s KidCon turns terrific two

Like most two-year-olds, the second edition of Montréal’s KidCon is incredibly active, truly finding its feet and – with a live hand from Thomas the Tank Engine, Ravings Rabbids,...

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13 Oct

Things to do in Montréal: October 14 to 20

The bright colours of fall come out to play this week in Montréal on urban walks, in seasonal dishes, on stage in dance, theatre and live music, and even in an out-of-this-world Björk art exhibition. Errrrrrrybody was here yesterday! We are so lucky to...

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07 Oct

Double the love on a double-decker bus

No matter how deep the relationship, when we see the object of our love on a daily basis – whether it’s the cobblestone streets Old Montréal, the gravity-defying tilt of the Olympic Tower or the graceful silhouette of Mount Royal – we run the...

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