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29 Nov

Cozy up to these Montréal fireplaces

Montréal in the cold months is like living in a snow-globe. It’s magical, it’s wondrous – and it can get frosty. So, when your parka is seeming a little thin and you need a break from the sparkly white streets, duck into one of...

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23 Nov

Actually cool Montréal souvenirs

It’s so nice to have things to remember a trip by, but is there anything cheesier than tourist-shop fare? Luckily there’s a crop of stores in Montréal that offer genuinely cool branded gear you’ll actually want to take home not just for you, but...

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17 Nov

Things to do in Montréal: November 18 to 24

As Montréal waits for its first snowfall, Santa Claus arrives in a parade, Mozart’s Don Giovanni and wild circus shows thrill, new art and film transform perceptions, and live music from electro to Bach rocks our world. Seasonal sights Santa comes to town early...

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16 Nov

#MTLaTABLE 2016 in photos

Well, that’s a wrap for another delicious edition of Montréal’s restaurant week, MTLàTABLE!  With150 participating restaurants across the city, local and visitors had a veritable cornucopia of culinary discoveries...

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