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15 Mar

Living Connections shows the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in a new light

Short of Mount Royal itself, as major features of Montréal’s landscape go, they don’t get much more iconic than the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. And in honour of the city’s 375th birthday this year, and Canada’s 150th anniversary, Montréal multimedia magic makers Moment Factory are making...

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08 Mar

8 Montréal women who make their city shine

Montréal has an inexhaustible resource: strong women who forge ahead, driven to create. As vibrant as the city they live in, they are an inspiration to us all and showcase homegrown talent around the world. In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8,...

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theatre montreal outremont
03 Mar

Guide to Montréal theatres

Montréal is home to numerous theatres that host English and French productions year-round. Here is a handy guide to many of the city’s most popular theatres and theatre companies: Une publication partagée par Sarah-Marie (@sarahmarieshula) le 8 Févr. 2016 à 21h07 PST Popular mainstream...

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28 Feb

Montréal Neighbourhood Guide: Mile End

An integral part of the Plateau adjoining Petite-Patrie and Outremont, Montréal’s Mile End boasts its own identity that is unlike anything anywhere else. Often dubbed Canada’s “hipster capital,” the...

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