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With spring in the air, bears are being roused from their deep hibernation and are in search of something sticky and sweet. No, not honey. These bears are coming to Montreal for something sexier to tickle their taste buds…Maple Syrup!

Now in its 7th year, the SugarBear Weekend (March 25-27) is exactly what the name suggests. Sugar (maple tree nectar) + Bear (the gay muscly sexy kind) + Weekend (three full days of events) = One fabulous time in Montreal. The first SugarBear Weekend took place in 2004, when some furry Montrealers decided to share their Quebecois culture with the international Bear community. Now with hundreds of participants each year, it has become one of the largest Bear events in Canada!

Presented by Bear411.com, this weekend will be jam-packed with fun events. After the kick-off bash at Stud Bar on the Thursday night, SugarBear roars in the weekend. A Bear Beach Party at Sauna 456, will have plenty of bare-naked bears. Later that night at the Rialto Theater will be the Canadian premier of Man Boobs by playwright J. Julian, followed by cocktails, dinner and a silent disco. That sounds like such a great time, I can bear-ly contain myself! (Are these puns getting hard to… bear?)

The next day comes the main attraction. From Montreal’s Gay Village, everyone will get on a bus and head out to one of Quebec’s famous Cabane a Sucre, which translates literally to “sugar shack”, where sap is collected directly from maple trees, and boiled down into maple syrup. Keeping with Quebec tradition, this will include the traditional Quebecois feast, surprises, and maple toffee! (Bear in mind, you’ll still have to party later, so don’t eat too much.) After all have satisfied the post-hibernation hunger, it’s back to Montreal where Stud Bar hosts the official reception with plenty of contests, performances, dancing and beefy men.

Year after year, this weekend party has proven to be one of the biggest and most popular attractions of its kind. Not only is it a fantastic way to meet people, but also to engage in a unique part of Quebec culture and Canadian history. I’m a wannabe Cub, so this SugarBear Weekend has me excited. So excited, it’s almost unbearable.


Guest Blogger: Alex Dunphy


SUGARBEAR WEEKEND, March 25-27, 2011 (Tickets are $49 for one day or $89 for both days)


  1. Roland Cuir

    / Mar 15th

    This post is brilliant! This blogger is brilliant! Alex Dunphy is off to an auspicious start as replacement to the incomparable Daniel Baylis (soon to be comparable?). I applaud Tourisme Montreal for this flawless selection and I wish Mr. Dunphy only the best in the months to come. In fact, I’d love to send him flowers. Is this possible? Brilliant!

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