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Martha Wainwright and I took a candid stroll on Montreal’s Plateau district yesterday. She spoke freely about her new album, her family and some of her favourite Montreal haunts.

As I meandered with Martha, I actually felt uncertain whether to bring up the subject of ‘family.’ She is the youngest member of the famous Wainwright/McGarrigle clan, and I wondered how open she might be to discuss the much publicized passing of her mother, as well as her own venture into motherhood. But she dove right in to the subject of family without hesitation.

And when she brought up her brother, Rufus Wainwright, I didn’t hesitate to prod a bit deeper into the future. I managed to sneak in a quick question that is on a lot of people’s minds – would we ever see a collaborative album from the two siblings? She responded with a laugh, stating,”I would love to, if we don’t end up killing each other first. Which could also be a good thing.”

When questioned about her approach to social media, Martha blushed a bit, replying that her technological savviness is limited. However her new website features a blog, and she stated, “I love writing. So I’m hoping that this will become a new platform for me to express myself.”

I was curious to see what her Montreal favorite things might be, so we played a quick game of ‘Montreal-word-association.’ It wrapped up gracefully with her naming a certain individual as a ‘Montreal Legend.’ A delicate, but beautiful moment.

Thanks for the stroll Martha.



New Album: Sans fusils, ni souliers, à Paris (available wherever fine music is sold)


Band: Arcade Fire
Restaurant: L’Express
Place to spot a hottie: ANYWHERE
Festival: Osheaga Music & Arts Festival
Park: Laurier (on the Plateau)


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