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About us

About Us

The Tourisme Montréal Blog is published by Tourisme Montréal, a private, non-profit organization comprised of more than 750 members and partners from Montreal’s tourism industry, who share the common goal of promoting the city as a premier travel destination to non-local markets. The blog provides original, high-quality editorial content to inspire visitors to travel to Montréal and to assist them in planning their trips. We cover events, festivals and happenings around town, feature some of the city’s best restaurants, clubs, attractions, and profile Montrealers who embody Montréal’s creative spirit and joie de vivre.

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http://www.tourisme-montreal.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Airplane-logo_625px.jpgEditorial team

Lynn Habel | Editor-in-chief

Amélie St-Cry | Project manager

Marie-Noëlle Dufour | Community manager

Raphaëlle Daigneault | Project manager

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Submission guidelines

We welcome submissions for blog posts that reflect the mission of Tourisme Montréal, which is to promote Montréal as a premier tourism destination for leisure and business travellers from non-local markets.

Before submitting

Before submitting story ideas, please explore the blog to become familiar with our editorial style and with the type of subject matter we cover. Do a few searches before you pitch to see if we have already covered the topic you have in mind. Don’t forget: We look at the quality of the writing in the pitch to give us an indication of the quality of writing we can expect in the final product.

Making the pitch

  • Send a working title and a brief summary for each story idea.
  • Include a short bio and links to your blog, website and/or relevant social media accounts, as well as links to published work.
  • Pitches for photo essays and ideas for illustrations and infographics are also welcome.

Content guidelines:

  • The content should be original and not published previously elsewhere.
  • The content should present Montréal attractions, events, places or people that are representative of the city and of interest to visitors.
  • The tone and manner should be friendly, helpful, accessible and positive; feel free to add touches of humour.
  • The content should be accurate (please fact check) and should not misrepresent the topic covered.
  • The content should not be self-promotional or link to commercial offers.
  • Articles should be spell checked, proofread and must include an SEO-friendly title when submitted.
  • Articles should be approximately 500 words in length and should not exceed 750 words.
  • Articles should be written in the third person (or in the second person for instructional text, like itineraries), unless you have expertise in a specific field that makes a first-person voice more enriching for our readers.
  • We reserve the right to edit articles for spelling, grammar, flow, etc., and to modify titles and add subheadings.
  • All articles in English will be translated into French and possibly other languages, always respecting the spirit of the original piece.

Please submit your story ideas to montreal@mtl.org. We look forward to hearing from you!


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