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Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles is one of the liveliest cultural areas of the city, concentrated around Sainte-Catherine Street near Place-des-Arts metro. The entire district is bursting with work, creativity and light, and is constantly enhancing the neighborhood’s cultural assets.

A few weeks ago, during Montreal’s yearly Nuit Blanche, Quartier des Spectacles presented an experimental project called “Intersections Signalétiques”, which has already been creating quite some buzz in cities around the world.

To realize this project, Quartier des Spectacles used special projectors hung on traffic lights and placed on towers to project messages of light onto the streets. It showed pedestrians the way to major venues and highlighted their presence in the Quartier des Spectacles. Pretty cool hunh?

No more getting lost because you’re walking around looking down at the GPS app on your Iphone. In Montreal, the map’s on the road, and it’s a pretty aesthetic map too!

As we speak, Quartier des Spectacles is currently looking into ways of making the signage prototype a permanent project. On top of directing crowds, it could even be used for decoration and advertisement.

Personally, I can only imagine the Montreal system being used to light up the streets of Vegas. (Quartier des Spectacles’ innovative realizations could only be another great addition to a strip already owned by Montreal creatives….Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion, Robert Lepage. Enough said).

The animated cultural character of the Quartier des spectacles makes it one of Montreal’s must-see attractions and one that I strongly recommend you visit during your trip to the city.

Some other great initiatives they produce include year-long celebrations of art in public spaces in addition to endless exhibitions and festivals. You can search their complete calendar right here. Quartier des Spectacles is also home to the Montreal Jazz Festival. My colleague Brendan Murphy already wrote an article about the upcoming 2010 event, which you can read right here.

Insider Tip: go play with the lights at Vitrine Culturelle…it’s a lot of fun!

Quartier des Spectacles

For info:  (514) 879-0009

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