Additional dates for Opéra de Montréal’s “Another Brick In The Wall”

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The worlds of opera and rock and roll will descend upon Montréal for the hotly-anticipated world-premiere of Another Brick In The Wall – The Opera, based on Roger Waters’ legendary work The Wall. With more than 17,000 tickets already sold, the Opéra de Montréal has added additional dates to meet the demand for what is fast becoming an opera phenomenon.

patrick_corrigan“Ten shows is absolutely unprecedented for the Opéra de Montréal, this is the biggest run we’ve ever done,” says OdM Director General Patrick Corrigan. “We also have a bunch of producers travelling to Montréal from across Canada, the United States and Europe to see the production to find out more about this show. There is a lot of interest in this show continuing on, to travel the world.”

Another Brick In The Wall – The Opera tells the story of Pink, a troubled rock star who isolates himself from the rest of the world following his father’s death during World War II, and continuous abuse from his mother and teachers. The break-up of his marriage represents the last brick in the metaphorical wall he has built for himself. If his survival depends on it, will Pink be capable of demolishing his inner wall?

etienne_dupuisPink will be played by Montréal native Etienne Dupuis, “one of the biggest baritone stars in the world today, who did so much of his formation here in Montréal, and has been featured several times at the OdM,” says Corrigan. “He has a huge international career today, is a headliner at the biggest opera companies in Europe and is one of the biggest artists working in opera today. We are thrilled to have him here for this project.”

julien_bilodeauAnother Brick In The Wall – The Opera was composed by Julien Bilodeau based on the lyrics and music of Roger Waters. It will be directed by Dominic Champagne and, in addition to Dupuis, will feature 10 soloists, 48 chorus singers and 70 musicians with Alain Trudel conducting the Orchestre Métropolitain.

dominic_champagneCorrigan says Bilodeau “is one of the most exciting composers in the country right now and he is working directly with Roger Waters. He has completed the piece, of course, and they have been in workshops for several months, and they went into full rehearsals on February 13.”

The seed for Waters’ iconic 1979 masterpiece The Wall was planted in 1977 when Waters infamously spat on a fan at a Pink Floyd concert at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

Roger_Waters-Yves_Renaud“My response to that was to write a show that involved building a huge wall between me and the people I was trying to communicate with,” says Waters, “I am very happy 40 years later that this piece that had its conception (in Olympic Stadium) with an appalling act that I committed all those years ago, should find its way back home to Montréal.”

Corrigan says it is fitting that Another Brick In The Wall – The Opera is being presented as part of Montréal’s 375th anniversary celebrations.

“We all have this sense that we are making history for lyric theatre,” Corrigan says. “That’s a real thrill. This is a big and audacious production and everybody involved is really knocking themselves out, everybody has the pedal to the metal, to make this one of the most exciting events that Montreal has ever seen.”


Another Brick In The Wall – The Opera will be performed at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on March, 27, 2017. Tickets and info at

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