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One of the best things to do in Montreal during the months of September and October is apple picking. Yet getting to the closest orchard can be quite a challenge for tourist. If you tell me I have to rent a car, get a map, drive an hour, go up a mountain, turn left after the lights, which is after the stop sign, which is the 5th right after the gas station, chances are… I’m not going.
But what if I told you, that every Saturday until October 10, you can hop on a train that will take you straight from downtown Montreal to a bountiful orchard full of juicy apples, in under 45 minutes?
You heard me!
Time to take out your best fall picnic fashion and jump on the apple train!
Good news is, the apple train leaves at 12pm and returns at 5pm, which means you’ll have plenty of time to snooze in the morning, prepare your picnic, and get back to your hotel in time for cocktails.
The train leaves from GARE CENTRALE and will take you to a region of Quebec called “Basses-Laurentides”, in just 35 minutes. From there, a bus will pick you up, and you will be at the orchard in less than 15 minutes. That gives you a solid 3 hours to apple pick and wander through the hundreds of apple trees.

Your train ticket also bestows you with a 5L apple bag, so you don’t have to pay any additional fees once you’re at the orchard.
And don’t forget to pack a picnic! Lounging in the orchard is probably my favourite part! I always bring a fresh baguette, cheese, pâté and fruit. You might also want to bring a blanket for maximum comfort.

So here are the orchards that have been chosen for the next Apple Train departures:
• Saturday September 19:  LA MAGIE DE LA POMME
• Saturday September 26: VERGER LE CULTIV’ART
• Saturday October 3: VERGER RICHARD LEGAULT
• Saturday October 10: JUDE-POMMES
Don’t forget to reserve your place in advance. There are 144 places available every Saturday and you cannot buy your ticket at the train station. You must reserve your spot on the apple train by phone, it’s very important!
Happy Apple Picking!!
The Apple Train
Leaving from GARE CENTRALE
Saturdays at 12pm
935 De la Gauchetière Street
Montreal, QC
Phone number of the station: (514) 871-1331‎
To reserve your tickets!
(514) 287-7866

0-5 yrs old: free
6-12 yrs old: $9.80
13-64 yrs old: $29.45
65+: $25.45


  1. Patrick Meausette

    / Mar 4th

    this must be from last year
    is it going to be on again this year 2010?

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