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The first glimpse of Liliana Berezowksy’s work at Galerie CIRCA is inviting. A soft, pink suede chair-like piece sits on the floor to greet you. Indeed, for a nano-second, you think it is a contemporary chair, offering comfort. Therein lies the rub: Your first clue are the nails… A large roundish piece – can I call it ‘sculpture’ I ask myself ? – sits in the middle of the gallery.

A big sink-into seat, sensually inviting in suede. But it isn’t a chair at all. It is one of Liliana Berezowsky’s ‘’sculptures’’ – most of which communicate in contradictions. Her pieces make one look, and look again; and think. Influenced by the industrial landscape- by machinery – the artist creates perfectly-made pieces. They don’t look crafted: They look manufactured. They serve absolutely no use at all – except that they are beautiful. Each piece at the show suggests pleasure – but each harbours hidden danger. The pink suede that could swallow you up is framed in a beautifully-made semi-circle – studded with polished nails. Indeed, everything has a polished look and feel. The viewer is drawn in to admire – and then we are confused. We feel a slight frisson of fear. Spikey shapes counter the allure of softness. Berezowsky combines these two directions in her pieces that have no resemblance to anything in our world. A stunning, six-foot work undulating in one corner has a siren call. It looks like a sea creature. But like the call of the deep – there is a sense of apprehension. Simultaneously you hold both feelings – a visceral pleasure tinged with a touch of foreboding. Suddenly you realize the artist has succeeded: Liliana Berezowsky has totally involved you in her art.

Galerie CIRCA 372 Ste.Catherine Street 4th floor, # 444 514-393-8248 Tuesday – Saturdays 12 – 5:30 pm Until October 10

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