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Montreal is a great city for eating because its residents have come from all over the world and brought their food with them. Italian, Greek, Indian, you name it. But how about the Australians? What do they even eat? Well, there’s a new place in Montreal that can help you deliciously get to the bottom of this important question…

The Tourtière Australienne serves up what are usually called “Aussie pies”, meat-and-veggie-filled mouth-bombs that are wrapped in a buttery puff pastry. They come from the oven of Don Hudson, a New Zealand-born pastry chef who grew up in Australia and wanted to bring a taste of his childhood to Montreal. Sourcing all of his meats, vegetables and herbs from the Jean Talon market, he’s recreated some of the traditional varieties, like steak & cheese, the “potato top” and the ever-popular sausage roll. Apparently, as soon as they opened up the shop, Montreal’s (somewhat hidden) Australian community began pouring in and devouring everything in sight. But Hudson has also concocted some new pies that have never appeared on an Aussie table before.

How about a butter chicken pie? One with spinach, mushroom, tomato and ricotta? The pies are $4 each or 6/$22 and can be bought and eaten there or taken home frozen and kept in the freezer. There are side dishes about to be added to the menu, but until then you can pick up what, until now, was the only Aussie food I’d heard of: vegemite.

Another absolute plus of this place is its prime location near the corner of Parc Ave and Mont-Royal, a 30 second walk from the always-lively Parc Jeanne Mance. I can already see the spring and summer plan: grab some Aussie pies, some drinks and go relax in one of Montreal’s most beloved warm weather hangouts.

Honestly, give it a shot- I just accidentally ate four of them even though two of those were meant for my girlfriend.

Tourtière Australienne, 4520 Avenue du Parc, (514) 277-7437


  1. Berenice

    / Mar 23rd

    Best pies in town! Just incredible.

  2. a. gasperino

    / Jun 6th

    i am australian, and found out about this place from members of the australian football team i play for in montreal. After buying a local tourtiere from the supermarket and having to discard most of it, i was so happy to find this place… bien jouez TA!!!!

  3. Saad Hasnain

    / Dec 14th

    Now that’s the real australian thing. I finally got to taste it. This is like no other. I highly recommend it to those are waiting to Australian food. Their mash potato and gravy on top of the pie is just superb!!!!!!!

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