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Montreal Burlesque Festival

I tend to view burlesque as a chance to see beautiful, half-naked women without getting in trouble with your girlfriend. But then again, I’m a bit of a philistine. But Montreal’s 1st annual Burlesque Festival, taking place from September 17th-20th, intends to showcase, for philistines and devotees alike, how much more goes into this unique art form…

Montreal Culture Tour: Little Burgundy

Montreal’s working class district of Little Burgundy is transforming itself into a new trendy neighbourhood, while never forgetting its past or denying its roots. Follow me on a tour of this old part of the city that has found the way to fight back recessions and crises.

It’s Raining Purses – Literally!

Free designer purses falling from the sky? Girl, you are not dreaming! Matt & Nat, Montréal’s very famous luxury and eco-friendly handbags, are being thrown out the window of their Chabanel studios on June 6th!

A new location for Bouchonné

Move over, trendy St-Laurent restaurants. The Main is welcoming the Bouchonné wine bar in its new, bigger location. This is the place to be for wine lovers in the mood for some tasty tidbits…