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Lesbian Heaven ::: Montreal Rollerderby

I love this sport. Tough girls zipping around a ring on roller-skates. The wipe-outs are cringe-inducing, the energy is intense and the crowd is rowdy. And the beer flow-eth cheaply. You have one last chance to catch a game this year. Check out the deets…

Montreal… The Poor Gay’s Europe

Last week the Bank of Canada declared that the recession was over. “We are on track for the recovery both in Canada and globally,” said Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney. “Wonderful!” I said. But, if you are like me, the bulge in your pants is certainly not because your pockets are suddenly lined with more cash. It’s going to take a while to actually feel the financial change of seasons. In the meantime, there are ways to satiate your wanderlust (or lust for Canadian bacon) in economically challenging times. Here are 6 great reasons why Montreal might be the perfect choice for you…

Fullum Pool: Montreal’s Gayest Outdoor Pool

It’s late summer and you’ve already blown the vacation budget. But you are still craving one last weekend getaway before the shackles of work and winter tie you down. Montreal is calling you. And she can be cheap… really cheap. I’ve got a fun insider tip for you that involves some of your fave things: Speedos, sunscreen and swan dives. It’s wet. It’s gay. And best of all… it’s free.

Mado, The Queen of the Montreal Gay Village

Who is Mado? Mado is irreverent. Mado is charming. Mado is bitchy. Mado is Montreal. Last week, after a hilarious Drag Queen Makeover , I sat down with Montreal’s infamous Drag Queen, Mado, to chat about what it takes to run Montreal’s fab-est Cabaret and what travelers should do when they visit our city. What resulted is perhaps my most entertaining and informative video yet. My favorite moment: when Mado says, “Do I want to be a Drag queen for the rest of my life? Or do I want to work at McDonald’s? You have a choice.” Oh, and don’t miss our lesbian cat growls… Grrrrrr!

Divers/Cité ::: Cabaret de Minuit

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Divers/Cité was coming. Last night the festival began with a romantic, star-lit movie in the park, a charming way to ease into a week of jam-packed entertainment. New this year to the Divers/Cité programming is Cabaret de Minuit: The New York Series. (Did I mention that I enjoy New York?) The series features three creative and cutting-edge NYC performers over three nights. Out of all the diverse and exciting programming of the festival, these shows have me most excited…

Drag Queen Makeover

Let it be known: Being Montreal’s Gay Life insider is a fun job. My mission is to search Montreal high and low to find the best of gay life and gay-friendly activities in this city and summarize it all for LGBT travelers. My work has numerous requirements: attend sexy Montreal parties, dine in hip bistros, meet fascinating people and even work the streets of NYC (it was “promotion”… really.) I need to be Internet savvy and create content that will pique your attention. But nothing in my job description ever said anything about eyeliner.

Kink Montreal ::: An Introduction

Montreal is a sin city. People travel from across North America because of our laissez-faire cultural attitude that permits (and encourages) all sorts of liberal behaviour. In Montreal, there are vibrant Kink, BDSM and Fetish communities, and multiple ways to get involved. I’ll get you started…

Montreal & NYC ::: A (non) Comparison

I recently spent a weekend in New York City. It was my first time (which was quite apparent if you were following my tweets). That’s right, I was a NYC virgin, and I just got my cherry popped big time. And it was amazing. But wait, am I allowed to gush about a different city? I mean, I write a blog about gay life in Montreal; my task is to help you develop a colossal crush on my city. Isn’t this a slight (and by ‘slight’ I mean ‘huge’) conflict of interest? Should I fear for my job? I’m willing to take that risk.

When is Gay Pride? (A Public Service Announcement)

Montréal is home to many summer festivals, such as Jazz Fest, Just For Laughs and the World Film Festival. But perhaps the most lively and colorful festivals are those hosted by and catered to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. The two most prominent queer festivals in the summer are Divers/Cité and Célébrations. But what’s the difference? Which one is actually “PRIDE” in Montreal? And which festival will be best for you? Join me as I clarify the difference between Montreal’s two gay summer festivals…