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Fireworks in Gay Montréal

When you are in Montréal and some hottie leans in to say – Salut mon beau homme, do you see fireworks too? – there is a good chance that there might actually be pyrotechnic detonations in the sky. Every Saturday from June 13 to August 22 2009 at 10:00 p.m. Montréal will play host to an international fireworks competition. Find out where to catch the explosive gay fireworks action…

Tam Tams: Drums, Dancing and Doobage

Every Sunday afternoon, all the peace lovin’ people of Montréal unite: black or white, Anglo or Franco, young or old, gay or straight (and everyone in between). The reason is the “Tam Tams,” a collective drum/circus/dance festival, where the mood is chill and the air is filled with the smell of… hippie lettuce. I grabbed a Bixi Bike and headed off to the park, where I created my first installation of “Montréal BikeCam.” Don’t miss my take on one of Montréal’s most peculiar sub-cultures, the “medieval nerf-sword warriors”…

Hey Cupcake!

It’s been many years since Carrie Bradshaw brought the cupcake back from its decadent hibernation. And the cupcake craze has been roaring ever since. Montréal has a few places to indulge in petits gâteaux (aka cupcakes), and Les Glaceurs is one of my faves.

Daniel Does Dave

If you’ve ever sat with clammy hands in the waiting room of your local health clinic, you know that viral is rarely a good thing. But in the world of social media and cyber celebrity-ism, one dreams of mass (infectious) popularity. We all want the kind of virus that Susan Boyle caught. Last year, a little video clip featuring Mr. Dave-the-Dreamboat was created to demystify the reputation of Montréal. It was entitled “Dave does Montréal” and it spread like herpes at a whorehouse. Here it is… What do you think? Is Montréal as sinful as they say? Message me on Facebook with your thoughts. I’ll take the most exciting sentiments and post them in the coming weeks.

Gay Travel :: My Top 5 Websites

When it comes to Gay Travel, there is a heap of travel websites out there devoted to stimulate your big gay interests. But how do you know what sites to trust? Here are my big gay recommendations…

Hot Lesbian (Haircut) Action

We humans are a creative bunch. We like to pair things together; we like duets and combinations. For instance, Clamato Juice – who ever saw a glass of tomato juice and thought, “Do you know would go good with that? Shellfish!” But it works (and incidentally, I’m starting to crave a Bloody Caesar now). But I digress. Here in Montréal we have our own bizarre combos, such as poutine (potatoes, cheese curds and gravy) or Nickels restaurant (Celine Dion meets greasy spoon), but few compare to the kick-assness that is “Bikurious” –a bike repair shop and lesbian hair salon. Join me as I get a Lesbian haircut…

The Fag Fringe Forecast

Montréal goes a bit nutty each June. I know the Fringe Festival has begun when I look out my living room window onto St-Laurent Boulevard and see a Drag Queen marching up the street playing the bagpipes. (FYI – she’s known as the Drag-Piper.) The Fringe Fest runs this year from June 11 – 21. It is an uncensored, low cost, liberal, performance art festival – equal parts theatre, dance, music and creative anarchy. There is a little something for everyone. As stated in this year’s program, “The Fringe is all about discovery.” But choosing from among 100 or so local, national and international companies can be a bit overwhelming. So I’ve put on my “Fag-Filter” and found the good stuff. Here are 6 recommendations for homolicious Fringe shows and events…

Chattin’ with Richard Burnett

Back when I was a wee lad of just 17 years, I was living in a prairie city where “gay” was… well… pretty queer. Each week I would get my dose of homo culture by picking up the local alt-weekly newspaper. Flipping quickly to the back, I would revel in the words (and rants) of the Three Dollar Bill, Canada’s first syndicated gay column. Times have changed, and now I live in one of the most diverse and liberal cities in the world where gay is… well… pretty fabulously normal. But despite the changes in time and geography, my respect for the Three Dollar Bill has not diminished. I recently sat down with the incomparable Richard Burnett (Mr. “Three Dollar Bill” himself) to sip sangria and chat about Montréal. Watch the 2-minute interview and check out Richard’s Must-not-be-Missed-List.

I [tweet] MTL ::: 11 Tweets about Montréal

Over the past few weeks I’ve been inviting my friends on Twitter (aka my “Twiends”) to tweet me their favorite things about Montréal. Here are 11 tweets about Montréal…