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Women Deconstruct Myths at MCAM

  MONTREAL’S CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM (MCAM) recently unveiled three new exhibitions running from October 10, 2009 to January 3, 2010, focusing on the work of three talented women artists from Montreal, Vancouver and the U.K. If Francine Savard, Tacita Dean and Tricia Middleton don’t seem to have much in common at first, look closer and you’ll see that the common theme in their work is the deconstruction of modern myths in our society. Read the full story to find out more about a bizarre apartment filled with dirt, detritus and random objects.

Learn French in Montreal with Creative Boost

The most frequent question people ask me when I talk to tourists about Montreal is whether or not speaking French is required to visit here. The truth is you can easily get around town even if you don’t know any French. Most locals are bilingual to a certain degree; however, getting to know a little French might be a good idea, especially if you’re planning on a longer visit, or if you simply want to enjoy and make the most of Montreal’s French culture, an essential part of the city’s past and present. Read the full story to know how to avoid bringing your ugly yellow “French for Dummies” book with you to Montreal.

Cinemania: French Movies with English Subtitles

In Montreal, many people are into learning about other cultures. Movie lovers are no exception. For English speakers interested in French cinema, we have just the festival for you. CINEMANIA features French films shown with English subtitles. It’s been around for 15 years and has played host to such internationally acclaimed artists as Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert, Patrice Lecomte, Emmanuelle Béart, and Bertrand Tavernier. To celebrate their 15th anniversary, they’ve selected some of the best movies made in French over the past year, and have invited one of the world’s most famous directors and provocateurs of the film world as a special guest. Read the full story to find out how you can catch the Canadian premiere of Costa-Gavras’ latest film and check out his master class on filmmaking and the creative process.

Montreal’s Arab World Festival

The golden age of globalization has brought us many great things, especially in arts and culture. The four corners of the world are now clearly represented in our cities, and locals are interested in understanding and learning about other cultures. However, in North America, access to Arabic culture remains limited, since geographically we are so far away, and unlike Europe, we don’t share as many historical roots. Read the full story to find out why you shouldn’t miss the Festival’s 10th anniversary.

TOHU: Montreal’s Circus Arts Centre

TOHU is a non-profit organization that was born ten years ago, an initiative of different institutions from the Montreal circus arts scene, including En Piste (the National Association of Circus Arts), the National Circus School and Cirque du Soleil.  Read the full story to know how you could catch tomorrow’s next Cirque du Soleil.

Montreal Art + Design Guerrilla

  There are many different ways to let art express itself, and it’s not always a matter of finding the appropriate museum or art gallery. I think the young generation from the Montreal design and art scenes understood that pretty clearly; that’s why a bunch of them created a collective called ART & DESIGN MONTREAL, dedicated to promote local creative minds on an international scale. Read the full story to know more about two very exciting projects happening in Montreal at the moment.

Montreal’s Canadian Centre for Architecture

The CANADIAN CENTRE FOR ARCHITECTURE is one of its kind. Founded by architect Phyllis Lambert, it’s an international research centre dedicated to architecture and urban design that’s celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  Read the full story to find out why you should check out photos of abandoned factories getting destroyed.

Montreal Fashion and Design: STYLIST’S OWN

What’s unique about Montreal’s fashion and design scene? It’s the fact that every crazy little project can turn to reality instantly. Azamit is one of Montreal’s most hyperactive and high-profiled stylist and art consultant in town. She’s been a model and knows everything about fashion – her black book is probably the most wanted among young designers and artists who are looking to achieve international celebrity and fame. All year long, she unearths unique pieces that have been kept hidden from the public, and exhibits them during an event called STYLIST’S OWN. Read more to find out how you can leave Montreal with an affordable handpicked souvenir from the city’s best designers.

Save the Pint!

You can’t define Montreal’s architecture, unlike Paris and its Haussmann buildings, or New York and its art deco skyscrapers. I don’t think there’s any other place in the world with such a strange mix of different forms of architecture from all eras – concrete structures from the 60s perfectly paired with Old Montreal buildings from centuries past, or sleek and modern creations made of steel and glass.  That’s probably what makes Montreal so unique. Read the full story to find out why you should help us preserve a giant milk pint located in downtown Montreal.

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma: Cannes Goes Crazy

One of the reasons why I’m so excited about fall is simply because of the FESTIVAL DU NOUVEAU CINÉMA. This is the time of year that I spend my days and nights in a movie theatre, seeing the latest masterpieces from the four courners of the world, then taking a few hours off walking in the Parc du Mont-Royal and enjoying the sight of the leaves turning red, orange and yellow. FESTIVAL DU NOUVEAU CINÉMA is an international film festival held every year in October. Read the full story to find out where you can see Charlotte Gainsbourg going wild in the woods for Lars von Trier.