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Favourite Streets: My take on Prince-Arthur Street

In this new series, I explore one of my favourite streets in the city. Follow me as I walk from West to the East along Prince-Arthur, a charming little street in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood.  Read more to view my picks along the way.

Montreal’s Top 5 Public Parks

Although I wish I were athletic, playing outdoors still remains a big lie for me. I prefer lying on the grass and reading for an entire afternoon, listening to my iPod. Here’s a list of my Top 5 parks in Montréal where you can chill out on a lazy summer afternoon.

Hidden Hotspot #3: La Quincaillerie

Our poor lonesome cowboy sometimes needs a place to go, like in those old westerns, whenever he feels like drinking Scotch and meeting up with friends. After several years of unfaithful affairs with other bars, La Quincaillerie remains the best alternative for successful Wednesday nights.

My Pick: aKido

You can find a self-proclaimed “World’s Best DJ” in every city. But electronic music isn’t all about techno beats and repetitive jingles. Coming up with something different is hard – and it often seems about as likely as Lady Gaga going without hair products for more than 24 hours. aKido, however, has done it. Read more to find out why you shouldn’t leave Montréal without his latest release.


What do Chernobyl and Versailles have in common? Photographer Robert Polidori gave these empty and abandoned spaces the chance to express themselves. Check out my review of his thought-provoking retrospective at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal.

Festival TransAmériques: Body Language

When is crying a good thing? Because something incredibly beautiful just happened. Expect moving performances and unforgettable art moments at this year’s Festival TransAmériques, an event dedicated to experimental dance and theatre. Read more for my suggestions and find out why you should go.

My Biennale Is Pink

Watch my video about the Biennale de Montréal, an event that celebrates plural forms of art with exhibitions and performances all around the city. I couldn’t access this year’s installations, so I decided to go in the woods and film a little something there instead.

My pick: Lhasa

You always remember your first times. The first time you kissed someone. The first time you fell in love. And also the first time you heard a song that changed your life. Lhasa will change yours. Read more to find out how to bring home a meaningful souvenir from your trip to Montréal.

This Year’s Jazz Fest Line-Up

Breaking news: Your Arts & Culture Insider doesn’t know much about jazz. But that doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy his summer with saxophones and a little scotch.