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Isa Tousignant is an art and lifestyle writer based out of Montréal’s ecclectic Park Ex neighbourhood. She is Contributing Editor for Canadian Art magazine and freelances full-time for a wide variety of magazines and brands. She’s also a jewellery designer and passionate about animal costumes and their role in contemporary art.


Happy birthday, Montréal!

Expect La Belle Ville to be breathless this May 17. Partly because of the 375 candles the city has to put out for its birthday, and partly because of all the celebrations happening in its honour through to the weekend! Montréal was cofounded by Sieur de Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance on May 17, 1642 – a fact that’s certainly worth toasting. A day of celebrations The May 17 events start at City Hall with an 8 a.m. Inspection of the Guard of the Régiment de Maisonneuve by the Mayor of Montréal. At 8:15 the guard will march to the Notre-Dame Basilica for the ringing of the bells, which will toll at 8:45, first at the Saint Joseph’s Oratory, and then in churches all over town, including the basilica. At 9 a.m. there will be a multi-faith mass at the basilica with representatives of Canada’s First Nations, followed by a tribute to the city’s founders at the Maisonneuve Monument at 10:30 a.m., complete with a Mohawk drum ceremony. AVUDO honours the St. Lawrence Starting with a sold-out public premiere at 9 p.m. on May 17, and running until September 2, you can’t miss Montréal AVUDO. The spectacular multimedia show was created for… / Read More →

The ultimate guide to vegan eating in Montréal

No meat? No problem! Montréal has got a burgeoning vegan game that’s growing strong reaaal fast. Sink your teeth into the many options that span both the city and the globe, culturally speaking – from luscious creamy pastas to middle-eastern treats and Vietnamese pho and cakes for dayyys. Montréal’s vegan OG Montréal’s original vegan success story serves hearty rice bowls and a killer brunch from its a sprawling spot on St-Laurent Boulevard. Reboot on the sunny terrasse with one of the famous Aux Vivres smoothies (the Creamsicle is decadently delish), or a slice of berry-topped cheesecake in one of the blonde-wood booths – you’ll swear you’re eating the real thing. Stop by the takeout shop on your way out for a hotel-room snack. Live music and vegan snacks This Mile End spot serves daily live jazz, world music or classical alongside its inexpensive pints and great vegan eats. Café Résonance’s maki bowl is a delicious deconstructed twist on the sushi classic, while the cashew-based grilled cheese is scrumptious, made on liberally (vegan) buttered bread from the nearby Boulangerie Guillaume. All the sweets are delicious too – some of the best cookies in town. Who needs fish in sushi? Pescatarians agree:… / Read More →

All about the Main and its murals

With the amazing artworks left by street-art fest Mural every June, St-Laurent Boulevard is a veritable open-air art gallery year round. Pair that with scene-setting restaurants, nice bars, unique stand-alone shops and an incredibly rich history as Montréal’s main drag (St-Laurent separates the city into its east and west quarters), it’s fair to say no trip is complete without a walk up the Main. Make sure you spy these murals while you’re at it! Welcome to Chinatown This mural in honour of the city’s Asian heritage is a worthy starting place for an art-seeing trek northward up the Main. Located on the southwestern corner of St-Laurent and René-Lévesque, it marks the northern limit of Chinatown and was created by two of the city’s most famous street artists: Heavyweight founder Gene Pendon and Bryan Beyung, funded by longstanding public art organization MU. Taste the neighbourhood’s Asian flavours at nearby restaurants Mai Xiang, where the soup dumplings at are luscious, or Hoang Oanh – grab one of their all-dressed Vietnamese banh-mi to go for your walk. Une publication partagée par Antoine TAVA (@antoinetava) le 6 Juin 2016 à 10h46 PDT Fries with that? Mary Poppins gets special treatment in this mural wrapped… / Read More →

Five movies you didn’t know were filmed in Montréal

With its world-class facilities, cutting edge animation studios and great dollar value, it’s no surprise Hollywood skips up to Montréal to film movies whenever it can. Some movies make it obvious by actually setting the plots in this fair city, like The Red Violin, Life of Pi and Mommy – but some make it more mysterious. Without further ado, here are five blockbusters that we bet you didn’t know were filmed right here in La Belle Ville! John Wick: Chapter 2 Directed by Chad Stahelski, starring Keanu Reeves John Wick 2 may mostly be set in Rome, but part of that stunning old architecture comes courtesy of Montréal. In this second installment of Keanu Reeves’ reinstatement as an actor who matters, contract killer John Wick comes out of retirement to help a former colleague defend against what seems like every member of an international assassins’ guild. Arrival Directed by Denis Villeneuve, starring Amy Adams Denis Villeneuve is already Quebec’s pride and joy, but even more so since he shot Arrival entirely in Montréal (and the film won an Oscar for Best Sound Editing). As linguist Louise Banks, Amy Adams graces this futuristic picture with plentiful quiet grace, an energy replicated… / Read More →

Art Souterrain: underground art takes on a new meaning

Get ready for the most exciting night of the winter: Nuit Blanche! March 4, 2017 is Montréal’s all night cultural extravaganza, whereby art museums and galleries stay open until dawn to present incredible programming FOR FREE. Not only that, the night also marks the launch of Art Souterrain, the one and only underground art fair that lets you soak up culture in the warmth of Montréal’s Underground City. Art Souterrain 2017 runs from March 4 to 26 around the theme of Play and Distraction. Artists from all over the world turned their attention to fun and games for this edition, and the results are exhibited in over a dozen sites underground and 10 extra satellite spaces all over the city’s core. So if you feel like a toasty warm wander through the Underground City, here are five works you won’t want to miss. #Photography: “Just the Two of Us” by #KlausPichler Info & gallery: #fotografia #humor #justthetwoofus #umorismo #colsplay #fotografia #artaddicted #cultureisfreedom #artisfreedom #artaddiction #artblogger #brabsblogging #blogging #curiositykilledtheblogger #artblogging #artecontemporanea #contemporaryart Une publication partagée par Culture Is Freedom (@cultureisfreedom) le 29 Oct. 2016 à 15h31 PDT JUST THE TWO OF US by Klaus Pichler, presented at Complexe Guy-Favreau Austrian… / Read More →

Romance is in the air in Montréal

Montréal is made for lovers – it’s got a little touch of Europe, fine dining galore, entertainment options for DAYS and tons of hidden gems that will feel like your own private discoveries. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic weekend getaway, a Valentine’s Day jaunt or a marriage or proposal destination, no matter the style of moment you’re looking for! Curate some of the suggestions below into the exact type of romance you want – because whether you’re after something quiet and intimate or loud and exciting, we’ve got just the #montrealmoment for you. Romantic feasts Woo your love with fine dining at Maison Boulud, which puts on the ritz for Valentine’s Day and every other day at the Ritz-Carlton Montréal, as does Toqué and Mercuri, both in Old Montréal. Other memory-making options include 400 Coups, Le Quindici or Branzino, or, on beautiful Laurier East in Outremont, Leméac or Chez Lévêsque. Vegetarians like quiet tête-à-tête too, right? Reserve a table at Chu Chai (vegetarian Thai at its most refined), Sushi Momo (all vegan, hyper creative sushi) or the casual Lola Rosa. And if you take in the nightlife, what could be more romantic than a 4 am poutine for… / Read More →

Extreme sports lovers, Montréal has got you covered this winter!

There’s nothing more extreme than winter in Montréal, and we celebrate every minute of it with epic sporting events ¬– especially this year, during the city’s 375th anniversary. On produit Motoneige MTL Xtrem pour @375mtl ! Les 4&5 février 2017 au coin de la rue Union et Ste-Catherine 👊🏼❄️ BE READY !!! Photo par @maximeriendeauphoto Athlète: Pier-Luc Trépanier #motoneige #freestyle #snowmobile #yay #xtrem #mtl #downtown #375mtl #hivernales Une photo publiée par Tribu Expérientiel (@tribuexperientiel) le 14 Déc. 2016 à 14h37 PST Snowmobiles gone wild For one of the most unbelievable experiences you’re ever likely to see, look no further than the premiere of Motoneige MTL Xtrem, where world snowmobiling champions perform jaw-dropping aerial tricks right here in downtown Montréal. It happens on February 4 and 5 at Square Philips – don’t miss it! Mountains of fun Montréal’s most cherished feature, Mount Royal, is a four-season playground in the heart of the city that’s bursting with activities year-round. Explore its every nook and cranny with Les amis de la montagne, who guide snowshoe expeditions, tobogganing outings, hiking tours or skating days, all against a stunning snowy backdrop. Hier je ridais un fou p.i.m.p. vélo pour le tournage de la publicité de… / Read More →

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts opens the Pavilion for Peace

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is already an unmissable stop on any visitor’s itinerary, but now it’s got a fifth pavilion to add to its appeal: the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace, as venerable in spirit as it is as a space dedicated to historical art and art education. 🎉 Bonne et heureuse année 2017! 🎉 Le #MBAM s’engage plus que jamais à soutenir des valeurs sociales et citoyennes. #Montréal, ville de la Grande #Paix historique, demeure un havre pour les migrants et les citoyens du monde. ✌ Avec le Pavillon pour la Paix Michal et Renata Hornstein, le #Musée rend hommage à la donation majeure des Hornstein, ces rescapés de l’Holocauste et ces généreux mécènes pour leur ville d’adoption. Prévu pour les célébrations de 2017, il souligne la qualité architecturale de Montréal, Ville #UNESCO de #design, tout en constituant l’un des éléments phares du 375e anniversaire de la métropole québécoise. Au plaisir de vous accueillir au Musée! 🎉 #HappyNewYear 2017! 🎉 The #Museum has been more committed than ever to supporting social and civic values. #Montreal, the city of the Great #Peace, has been a haven for migrants and citizens of the world. ✌ With the… / Read More →

Discover art in Montréal’s underground pedestrian network

Walking tours are a fantastic way to get a sense of the city – and to get crazy good Instagram pics. In addition to the amazing circuits suggested by Art Public Montréal, an organization specialized in Montréal’s public art offerings, we’ve got a suggested tour for you: underground! Montréal’s Underground City is one of its most famous features: it comprises a network of 32 kilometres filled with shops, cinemas, museums and, lo and behold, public art. It’s a perfect cozy place to be on one of Montréal’s infamous cold winter days, when even your thickest parka feels like it’s made out of paper. So c’mon, let’s head underground and get cultured! Here are some art works you won’t want to miss. Arrêt Sur Image (2013) and Arrêt Sur Image 2 (2015), created by Annie Lebel and Stéphane Pratte (in situ atelier d’architecture) These two sculptural installations are some of the most impressive in the downtown core. Arrêt Sur Image (the original) is an abstract creation located right in the entrance hall at 1000 de la Gauchetière that plays on the effects of light on perception, based on the changing shape of the work depending on where the viewer stands. It… / Read More →

Cozy up to these Montréal fireplaces

Montréal in the cold months is like living in a snow-globe. It’s magical, it’s wondrous – and it can get frosty. So, when your parka is seeming a little thin and you need a break from the sparkly white streets, duck into one of these hot spots – roaring fire included. Snuggled up by the fire with a hot toddy @gibbys #montreal #quebec #canada #cometocanada #montroyal #immigration #imigração #narcitymontreal #mtl #200th #florenceandthemachine #howbeautifultour #florenceandthemachineconcert #brunchone #florencewelch #concert #centrebell #montréal #montreall #montrelmoments #montréaljetaime #montrealcity #montrealphotography #montrealphotos #montrealpics #mtlblog #mtlcity #mtllife #mtlpics #mtlmoments Une photo publiée par Joya Dass (@joyadass) le 24 Nov. 2016 à 17h44 PST Gibbys Want to feel like one of the city founders? Come to Gibbys, where the low ceilings, thick gray stone walls and pewter dishware (for the house salad, at least) feel like they haven’t changed since 1764. The working fireplace is an amazing thing to cozy up to on a cold winter evening, as you munch down on prime rib-eye with monte-carlo potato and warm challah bread with cold butter – crown the whole experience with the chocolate profiteroles. (You’ll thank us.) Chaleureux ET confortable. #aubergesaintgab #aubergesaintgabriel #oldmontreal #oldmtl #vieuxmtl #vieuxmontreal #mtlfoodies #foodmtl #mtlfood #cosy… / Read More →