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Things to do in Montreal this October

As ghouls and golems rev up for the end of the month, entertainment is around every corner, in the form of art openings, dance shows, Oktoberfest and more. Get out there and enjoy it all…

Your September 2014 To Dos

School is back and so is the frenetic fall schedule in this city bursting with arts and culture. So crack open your fresh notebooks, and note down these things to do!

Find your OOTD at the Festival Mode & Design

Mark the weekend of August 20 to 23 in your calendars: it’ll be a bona fide fashion frenzy. The Festival Mode & Design will turn Place des Festivals into a temporary international style HQ, uniting makers, thinkers and shoppers from here and beyond in a high-colour outdoor happening. Top of our list among the visitors: the ever-graceful Garance Doré, a French fashion blogger who’s made her mark with her witty take on the fashion world, and who’s here to give a master class for a mere $25 a ticket. (Get yours now!) There’s also a class by the legendary Nathalie Rykiel, daughter of world-famous designer Sonia – and a fashion icon in her own right – and the gorgeous Thierry-Maxime Loriot, a male model whose form has graced Gorgio Armani, Lanvin and Zegna, among others. Maybe some of their stardust will rub off! Of course the main attraction are the outdoor fashion shows, for free and in the middle of Place des Festivals on the Casino de Montréal catwalk, featuring local designers Ève Gravel, UNTTLD, Travis Taddeo and Ying Gao, among others. Plus there’s a Lunch Beat, a yoga break and the annual stiletto race– how fast are you in… / Read More →

Designed in Québec

To say that Montreal is a creative city is like saying that Paris is kinda pretty. This city is an idea volcano in constant eruption, with generation upon generation of artists, authors, actors and acrobats producing new madness every day. One of our strongest arts: fashion design, because of some great local fashion schools and, let’s not mince words, Montrealers’ native sense of style. C’mon, it’s famous. Here’s a list of our go-to made-in-Quebec labels, with deets on where you can get their wares to take home…

Vintage Chic in Montreal

Seekers of classic styles in Montreal are soooo lucky – there’s a great culture of vintage shopping here, with stores to suit every need from ball gowns to cowboy shirts. In addition to the bargain-basement biggies like the Salvation Army, Renaissance and Village des Valeurs, there are many stores with carefully curated vintage collections. Here are our favourites.

The MACM turns 50!

In 1964, Montreal was a city in full development – half way into building Île-Ste-Hélène, fresh off erecting its now-iconic Place Ville Marie, and busy celebrating the inauguration of its one and only, brand new Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal…

Things to do in August in Montreal

It can’t be… is that really Labour Day on the horizon?! Now’s your chance to do all the things you had on your summer bucket list before the nubile lifeguards go back to school. So get started – drink up the last drops of the sweetest season of all at these events…

Fawning over Fabergé

When you think of Fabergé eggs, you probably think of the collection of shiny tchotchkes that sits behind glass in your grandma’s living room. But the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is working hard to shift our perspectives: it turns out Fabergé is much more than collectible kitsch…

#MTLMOMENTS Exhibit shares special Montreal Moments

What happens when thousands of Montrealers and visitors to Montreal take pics of their best moments and post them online? A ton of gorgeous images and over 40,000 shares since May last year, that’s what. The Montreal Moments social media movement initiated by Tourisme Montreal has taken the city by storm in the last year, inspiring people to capture everything that makes Montreal the exciting destination it is and post, and re-post, and comment, and re-comment the results. Now, in addition to having a virtual existence, the best photos have a stage all their own in the form of a summertime exhibition.

Montreal’s Best Hotel Terrasses

Terrasse lovers, Montreal is your town. With the winters we get, it’s no wonder summer makes us want to hang out outside all the live-long day. There are terrasses of every ilk here, from bars to restaurants to rooftop to street-side, but my hands-down favourites are hotel terrasses. Like hotel bars, there’s a sense of adventure built into the experience…