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Jason is a food eater and picture taker. As the blogger behind  Shut Up and Eat, he covers everything food, from recipes to reviews. Jason has vowed that he will not stop until he has officially eaten his way across Montréal. It’s a big claim, and it’s one he’s making.


Our cheeses highlight menus at MTLàTABLE

November 3 to 13 marks the fifth edition of Montréal’s restaurant week, better known as MTLàTABLE. For 10 days, 150 restaurants right across the city highlight signature table d’hôte menus at three tempting prices: $21, $31 and $41. This year, Our Cheeses organized a recipe contest among the participating restaurants to come up with an original recipe featuring local cheeses.  Fifteen winners were chosen and their cheese-centric creations will be highlighted on their respective menus throughout the week. Here are some cheesy creations to keep your eye out for this year at MTLàTABLE! Restaurant Chez Lévêque This Outremont Parisian-styled brasserie specializes in French classics and has been a neighbourhood favourite since 1972. Their Our Cheese contest winner is a savory rendition of a mille feuille – a layered beet mille feuille, with Bleu Bénédictin cheese, walnuts and greens. Restaurant de l’Institut Restaurant de l’Institute is the training restaurant of the students from the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ). Under the helm of Chef Mathias Théau, their cheese-related dish comes as a braised veal shank, butternut squash, roasted cipollini onions, romanesco broccoli topped with shavings of Canotier de l’Isle cheese. Gagnant du concours #fromagedici pour #mtlatable #crispy #maki… / Read More →

Cacao Barry chocolate highlighted at MTLàTABLE

From November 3 to 13, Montréal celebrates the fifth edition of MTLàTABLE! For 10 days, 150 restaurants across the city highlight signature table d’hôte menus at irresistible prices. With cuisines that span the globe and encompass tastes and flavours that will surely tantalize the most discriminating palates, this year’s restaurant week is set to impress. This year Cacao Barry organized a dessert competition among the participating restaurants to come up with an original recipe using their chocolate. Fifteen winners were announced and their creations will be featured on their respective signature table d’hôte menus throughout the week. L’Atelier d’Argentine: Chocolate Tentacion Check out Chef Natalia Machado’s “Chocolate Tentacion” (temptation) at L’Atelier d’Argentine. It’s made with white chocolate ganache, caramel crunch and dark chocolate mousse, topped with cocoa dust. This is definitely a decadent way to end your meal at this awesome Argentinian churrascaria. Les Cavistes Restaurants Bar à Vin: Black Forest Ice Cream Sandwich Located in the heart of Ahuntsic on the Fleury strip, Les Cavistes is local favourite for their classic bistro fare with a unique Québécois twist, not to mention their award-winning wine lists. Their Cacao Barry competition winning dessert is a Black Forest ice cream sandwich: A… / Read More →

Taste the world during MTLàTABLE

What do you get when you line up 150 of Montréal’s finest restaurants, signature table d’hôte menus at three enticing price points and 10 awesome autumn days? MTLàTABLE – Montréal’s Restaurant Week! From November 3 to 13, Montréal invites foodies and gastronomes near and far to sample some of the finest establishments we have to offer. Our eclectic restaurant scene gives you the chance to taste the world one plate at a time without leaving the city. With tempting table d’hôte menus at $21, $31 and $41, here are some must visit restaurants to include in your MTLàTABLE itinerary. Gravlax de #saumon, oeuf mimosa et salade d’asperges. 🍽 #lunchtime #menumidi #aupetitextra #centresud #villemarie #yummy Une photo publiée par Au Petit Extra (@aupetitextra) le 19 Juil. 2016 à 10h29 PDT French fare You can’t say you’ve experience the Montréal’s restaurant scene without visiting some of our French restaurants. Check out Au Petit Extra located in The Village. This year, they have partnered up with their neighbor, (the cabaret Lion d’Or) to offer a 10% discount on the French musical programming during the Coup de Coeur Francophone festival. Dinner and a show? Why not? Code Ambiance in the Canal district serves up… / Read More →

Harvest with Labonté de la pomme

Autumn is a very special time of year in Québec. As the days get cooler and the nights grow longer, there’s nothing that epitomizes the season like spending time at an apple orchard or a working farm that warms you up on a crisp autumn day. Une superbe journée s’annonce☀️venez au verger, nous avons de bons produits et des cerises🍒 à cueillir! #verger #oka #quoifaire #autocueillettedecerises #Basseslaurentides #juillet #cherries #cerises #july #orchard #agrotourisme #agritourism #terroir #terroiretsaveurs #ferme #farm Une photo publiée par Labonté de la Pomme – Oka (@labontedelapomme) le 11 Juil. 2016 à 6h18 PDT Labonté de la pomme is an award-winning, family-run orchard about an hour from downtown Montréal where you can not only celebrate the autumn harvest, but also revel in the picturesque scenery of rural Québec. The Labonté and Defresne family have been farming for over a century in Oka, Saint-Placide and Saint-Benoît, Québec. It was founded by Napoléon Dufresne, who arrived in Oka as a colonist around the end of the nineteenth century. He cleared 135 acres of land and established the family estate where they cultivated crops and raised dairy cattle. They were the first to sell their fresh produce to the Trappist monks—famous… / Read More →

From kimchi to kalbi: authentic Korean restaurants in Montréal

Montréal has a happening Asian food scene and Korean cuisine is represented well. From family-style restaurants to do-it-yourself barbecue and casual student-centric eateries, the choices are vast. Korean food has a reputation for being one of the few Asian cuisines that have been adapted or “westernized” the least, so it’s safe to say that you’re getting the authentic Korean food experience no matter where you go. But where do you go? Here’s the best of the best Korean restaurants in Montréal. 🍛🍴🍲 Une photo publiée par @zoechabot le 12 Déc. 2015 à 15h40 PST Chez Hwang – 5545 Upper Lachine Road This is a no-frills, to-the-point type of restaurant. A large open space with minimal decor is in no way reflective of the kind of food you’re going to get at Chez Hwang. Home-style-cooked Korean comfort food that sticks to your ribs is what’s in store for you. Speaking of ribs, get the kalbi, deliciously grilled Korean short ribs served with rice and delectable banchan (side dishes). The jokbal (braised pork shank), which feeds an army, is popular, so try to get in on it before they sell out. As the name suggests, dining at Chez Hwang feels like you’re… / Read More →

Montréal Burger Week 2016 Preview

It’s that time of year again, when Montrealers and burger lovers prepare their bodies for one of the most anticipated food festivals of the year: Le Burger Week!  From September 1 to 7, Le Burger Week returns for a fifth edition of this week-long celebration of the burger. If you like it crispy! Only for #LeBurgerWeek from @valliermtl! #Montreal Une photo publiée par Le Burger Week (@leburgerweek) le 22 Août 2016 à 18h51 PDT If you’ve never heard of Le Burger Week, here’s everything you need to know. Thirty restaurants around Montréal create a signature burger for a week that reflects the cuisine and concept of the restaurant. Their burgers will be offered at a discounted “burger price”, an incentive for burger lovers to visit as many restaurants as possible during the festival. Diners will be asked to vote on their favourite burgers at www.leburgerweek.com where awards will be given out in the following categories at the end of the week: the “Burger of The Year”, the “Judge’s Choice”, the “Creative Award”, “ the “Tallest Burger” and the “Healthiest Burger”. Debuting in 2012, Le Burger Week has grown impressively over the past four years, from 30 local (Montréal) restaurants and… / Read More →

Your guide to Omnivore 2016

The Omnivore food festival takes place September 16 to 19 in association with the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]. 2016 marks the fifth year this traveling celebration of gastronomy hits Montréal. This year’s theme highlights “young cuisine”, as noted by founder Luc Dubanchet. In an editorial on the official site, Dubanchet acknowledges the culinary landscape in Montréal forged by the likes of Normand Laprise, Au Pied de Cochon and the guys of Joe Beef. However, this year’s festival focuses on the new generation of culinary talent whose prowess is fortified year after year—as exemplified by some of their popular establishments. Masterclasses The Masterclasses are one of the most highly anticipated events of the festival. They showcase cooking demonstrations and lectures by some of the most creative culinary minds, both locally and internationally. Some of this year’s masterclass hosts will be Leigh Roper (Foxy), John Winter Russell (Candide), Johnathan Rassi (400 Coups), Juan Lopez & Samuel Pinard (Farine), Patrice Demers (Patrice Pâtissier), Aaron Langille (Le Diplomate) as well as international guests such as Pedro de Artagao (Irajà), Daniel Burns (Luksus) and Daniel Eddy (Rebelle). Tickets for the Masterclass demonstrations are free, but they sell out fast. Reserve here. Extra Dinners… / Read More →

Where to eat smoked meat in Montréal

When traveling to a new city – especially Montréal, extensive research is usually done to find great attractions, local museums, shows and or shopping.  In such a metropolitan city the things to do are endless, but what lures most travelers to Montréal is the food. Deemed as a “foodie destination”, certain Montréal restaurants have an appeal that boarder on a cult like following – and by far the tastiest cult is that of Montréal smoked meat. With a few major players in the smoked meat game, people who pledge alliance to a particular restaurant will argue and fight without shame with anyone who opposes their discerning palate.  One of these institutions is without a doubt, Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen (3895 Saint Laurent Boulevard.) This landmark on St. Laurent Boulevard has been slicing up smoke meat and satiating Montréaler’s smoked brisket void since 1928.  This deli boasts a 10-day brine to their meat, which in tandem with their spice mix, produces the signature taste exclusive to Schwartz’s. You can order your meat on a scale of “lean” to “fat”, and locals usually order “medium-fat”; the sweet-spot at which die-hard smoked meat aficionados swear the stars align and magic happens. Directly across the… / Read More →

Brazilian food and drinks in Montréal

On August 5, the Olympic flame arrives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to kick off the 2016 Summer Olympics, a.k.a. the Games of the XXXI Olympiad. Having hosted the Olympics, Montrealers have a special place in their hearts for the Games. In fact, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montréal this year. To get you into the spirit of the Olympics, here are some great places around town to get a taste of Brazil. #Montreal #oldTown #Quebec Une photo publiée par caiodorio (@caiodorio) le 24 Mai 2015 à 4h33 PDT Rodízio Brasil — 160 Notre-Dame Street East Located in the heart of Old Montréal, Rodizio Brasil specializes in churrasco (grilled meats or “Brazilian barbecue”).  The house specialty is “rodizio”, which is an all-you-can-eat meal service. This menu features 10 different types of meats cooked over fire, served table side and sliced right onto your plate. Don’t forget about the accompanying all-you-can-eat salad bar or the delectable à la carte menu, which includes fish, seafood and chicken. Hang out by the “Boteco” bar for Brazilian-inspired cocktails and live entertainment. The authentic taste of jerked meat Brazilian style and manioc in our special dish: “Escondidinho”!… / Read More →

Mission style to Tex-Mex – Montréal’s favourite burritos

What’s better than a burrito? Two burritos. A burrito is the perfect food. It encompasses all the major food groups, grains, meat, vegetables, dairy and guacamole. Wrapped up into a warm and tender tortilla, this hand-held meal is ideal for any situation, if you’re on the go or dining in. From Mission style to Tex-Mex, Montréal has a great selection of burrito shops to curb your cravings. Burrito Shop — 3686-B Saint-Laurent Boulevard) Located on the Main, Burrito Shop offers five different kinds of meat for your burrito. Order burritos served wrapped in a tortilla, in a bowl or piled high on a salad with all the fixins’. Notre burrito > ton sandwich ce midi #hochelaga #sainthenri #montreal #mtl Une photo publiée par Burrito Revolucion (@burritorevolucion) le 4 Juin 2016 à 7h01 PDT Burrito Revolucion — multiple locations This Hochelaga burrito haven recently opened up its second location in the trendy Griffintown. They offer classic options to satiate your hunger for burritos. Tejano BBQ Burrito — 511 De Courcelle Street This local Tex-Mex burrito shop is owned and operated by pitmaster Dylan Kier of Blackstrap BBQ. Get your next burrito all dressed with the ancho cumin BBQ beef, robust in… / Read More →