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Celebrate Chinese New Year in Montréal with authentic Chinese food

Chinese New Year is a time to recognize and pay homage to deities and ancestors. Certain customs and traditions arise when welcoming the New Year, including a thorough cleaning of the home, giving loved ones “lucky money” in vibrant red envelopes and burning firecrackers to welcome good luck and scare away bad mojo. But nothing brings people together – especially in a time of celebration – like food! So here are some authentic Chinese restaurants you need to check out for Chinese New Year. Restaurant Beijing When you want authentic Chinese fare, your first thought would be packing up your bags and traveling to Beijing; and you’re absolutely right! Lucky for you, now you can enjoy that amazing Chinese food without leaving the city: just head for Restaurant Beijing. This local spot in Chinatown has got you covered from Cantonese classics like an extensive list of fried noodles, sizzling platters, as well as a respectable vegetarian menu. Restaurant Beijing (92 De la Gauchetière Street West) Qing Hua It’s tradition to eat dumplings on the New Year. Chinese dumplings are often wrapped or pleated to look like gold or silver ingots – boat shaped “bars”, where it is said that the… / Read More →

Casa de Mateo: a classic in Old Montréal for authentic Mexican eats

There are a handful of restaurants in Montréal that belong to an elite list of establishments that span decades of being in business. Local places that not only add to the vast array of culinary choices offered in Montréal, but help define our multicultural city. From steakhouses to delis, from the Mile End to Griffintown, there are numerous institutions that have helped mold the gastronomic spectrum of Montréal, and one of those places is Casa de Mateo. In the heart of Old Montréal, steps from all major attractions like the Notre-Dame Basilica, as well as galleries, boutiques and public transit, Casa de Mateo has been charming locals and visitors alike for over 25 years with their charisma and Mexican cuisine. Serving traditional classics like the “Pescado Veracruzano”, a Veracruz specialty of fresh whole red snapper delicately fried in garlic, to more contemporary takes on Mexican cuisine inspired by Québec terroir like the “Pato con mole verde” – two tender legs of duck dipped in a flavourful blend of Serrano chillies and tomatillos, spiced with ground pumpkin and sesame seeds; the extensive menu at Casa de Mateo appeals to all palates. The property exudes the Latin spirit of hospitality and embraces the 200‑year old building… / Read More →

Montréal’s “Poutine Week” Preview

It’s been almost 30 days into the New Year; that should be enough time to stop kidding yourself about your New Year’s resolution right? Right! It’s that time of year again where Montrealers and cardiologist smack their lips in anticipation of “La Poutine Week”! From February 1 to 7, Montréal sees the third edition of La Poutine Week; a delicious gastronomic festival where 40 restaurants around the city compete by creating signature poutines to tantalize the palates of Montrealers. Poutine lovers are encouraged to taste the delectable creations offered by the restaurants then vote on their favourites via the official website. Winners will be announced for several categories such as “Judges’ Choice”, “Most Popular”, “Healthiest” and “Imposter” – a poutine that really isn’t a “poutine”! In a city where our passion for poutine borders on religion, here are some of the most creative you need to try this upcoming Poutine Week! Restaurant Le Montréalais – Poutine Montréalaise Epitomizing Montréal on a plate, the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel’s restaurant is putting together a poutine made with Montréal smoked meat, sweet pickles and sesame croutons coated with yellow mustard. Taverne F – The Salted Cod Ferreira Poutine The Portuguese-inspired poutine from Taverne F is made of… / Read More →


If you don’t have plans for Christmas dinner or need some post-NYE food therapy, here are some Chinese spots that are open if you’re too lazy to plan something, don’t celebrate, are having trouble finding something that’s open, or, quite wisely, just love you some Chinese food…

Montreal’s Best Bûches de Noël

A common holiday tradition in Quebec is to finish a meal with a delicious bûche de noël (yule log). A rolled cake covered in chocolate and butter cream that resembles and representative of a decorative sacrificial piece of firewood once used to welcome the winter solstice. Folklore aside, the bûche de noël now makes for a great dessert or great hostess gift. Whether you’re going to bring one to your next holiday dinner or need to find a discrete way of telling a family member their dessert making skills suck, here are some places that will help with your holiday bûche de Noël desserts.

The Best Hot Chocolate in Montreal

Montreal is a city of festivals and we will find any reason to party. From month-long summer festivals to ones that take the winter by storm, we let nothing hold us back. Celebrating the season and the gift of frostbite, one needs to prepare adequately for outdoor activities; warm jacket, toque, scarf, gloves and the quintessential hot chocolate.

In The Mouth: les soirées gastronomiques improbables

Imagine a world where everything you ate tasted like something completely different, where the plumpest and most luscious piece of butter poached lobster tasted like the face twisting juice of a ripe lemon or where the sweat inducing fiery heat of a habanero pepper tasted like absolutely nothing at all… Welcome to the chaotic culinary world of Chef Nuno…

Montreal’s Best Hotel Restaurants

Without a doubt, Montreal is a city for the culinary inclined, a wonderland for gluttonous gastronomes, a real foodie’s city… basically an awesome place to get your grub on. With the thousands of restaurants at our disposal, the choices are endless, from fine dining restaurants to gastro-pubs and izakayas, Montreal’s food scene satisfies all palates…

Where to get the best oysters in Montreal

What food can you eat by the dozen and not feel guilty about? Served with bubbles or a fine wine, oysters are a favourite choice on any apéro menu. There is no better way to end a busy day and kick off the weekend than with a dozen or two, or three of these bad boys on ice…

Best Terrasses in Montreal for Drinking Beer

What many know as a “patio”, we Montrealers call a “terrasse”. Either way, they’re the place to be during our intense summer months, so here are some of Montreal’s best spots for enjoying a cold beer or three…