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Toqué! Unveils New Website

Normand Laprise, the well-known chef at Toqué!, one of Montréal’s finest restaurants, has decided to serve up a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth! For him, the first bite is always a visual one, teasing your taste buds and making you long for more. That’s the logic behind his scrumptious new website, which will have you  booking your plane ticket right away!

Welcoming the warmth of Afghan cuisine

It’s raining and cold outside. You’re tired of waiting for Mother Nature to cooperate. And you feel like treating your senses to a little warmth. Why not try a restaurant with unique food from a country that has much more to offer than the news would have you believe.

Where to try maple in Montreal

Hey travelers, surely you’ve heard that maple is the classic Canadian treat. In addition to drizzling the syrup on our pancakes, we eat maple candies, cookies, chocolates – even unexpected twists, like maple whiskey and maple salad dressing.

WWF and Localicious in Montreal restaurants

Yum, yum! Do Kamouraska lamb knuckles or Quebec veal cheeks make your mouth water? These are just two of the unique dishes offered in Montreal restaurants participating in the Localicious benefit event for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Rediscovering Meat

Confession: Throughout my twenties, I considered myself a social carnivore. What does that mean? It means I ate meat now and then, but never at home. In fact, I found that the less I ate meat, the less I enjoyed it.

Brunch like a Montrealer at La Fabrique

If Saturdays in Montréal are all about staying up late for food, drinks, music and socializing, then it should come as no surprise that Sundays are all about relaxing and re-charging your batteries. Yes, for us brunch is a long, drawn-out affair, where café au lait and breakfast fare are served well into the afternoon.

Montreal’s Europea restaurant: A table with a view

OK, so I don’t just eat with my eyes, but I do enjoy a little culinary voyeurism from time to time… And Europea restaurant, one of my favourite fine dining establishments in downtown Montreal, offers the perfect spot for it: a table that looks right into their kitchen, where the famed Jérôme Ferrer still stands at the oven. And this privileged perch doesn’t cost you a penny more… You just have to reserve it in advance!


Montreal is known for hosting a lot of festivals — there are over 85 different ones throughout the year! My personal favourite is the Montreal High Lights Festival, which showcases live performances, outdoor activities and fine dining. The featured country this year is Portugal, the city is New Orleans and the region is the Eastern Townships — all amazing places for high quality food and talented chefs.

Montreal Chowhound: brunch at Sparrow restaurant

I personally love Chowhound. What better place for unbiased restaurant reviews and gastronomic news from other foodies? So imagine my delight when I found out that members sometimes meet in person to share a meal. Just this weekend I met up with my fellow Montreal Chowhounds for brunch at Sparrow restaurant in the Mile End neighbourhood. The meeting was as good for the mouth as it was for the mind…

Confiserie Louise Décarie: Sweet dreams are made o

Confiserie Louise Décarie is a real Montreal gem. Somewhat hidden on Saint-Denis Street, this cute little sweet shop is challenging the tooth fairy on a daily basis with exquisite candy, gourmet fudge, chocolates and handmade French confections Marie-Antoinette only dreamed about.