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Terrines et Pâtés: A picnic pit-stop

A beautiful day in Montréal calls for renting a bike and cycling along the Lachine Canal – and perhaps a little picnic by the water? One of my favourite places to pick up lunch fixings is Terrines & Pâtés in Atwater market. For me, it’s a summer must. For you, it’s a chance to try French food in the most casual of settings (your picnic blanket, that is).

Les Touilleurs: a foodie’s playground

There are three dangerous things for a foodie like me: eating too much, discovering new food products that you start to obsess about, and entering a houseware store. Any of these scenarios can be devastating for your wallet. And your mental health.

Exploring L’Inconnu

You just finished a long day of sightseeing. You’re hungry. And tonight, you feel like dinning out like a Montrealer: in a casual venue that serves sophisticated signature dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Then you notice a lovely French bistro. You approach, stomach growling, and check out the menu. This is the scenario that played out for me this week, as I walked through the door of L’Inconnu with dinner on my mind. As I took a seat, I watched tasty dishes being served to other patrons. I was in for a treat.