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Montreal’s best new restaurant – Salle à manger

Every year, EnRoute, Air Canada’s in-flight magazine publishes their exclusive list of Canada’s 10 Best New Restaurants. All new restaurateurs wait with baited breath to see if they make the grade. This year, the only restaurant in Montreal to make the top ten this year is Salle à manger. Since I’d never been there, I thought this was a great excuse to go and check it out. Like many other people out there looking for their soul mates on the Internet, one of my friends often meets her dates at the bar at the Salle à manger. I had to go see for myself if the ambiance could really lead to some interesting encounters.

Montreal Italian restaurant: Euro Deli

Euro Deli is one of those special places in Montreal that is packed with customers from 9 in the morning ‘til midnight. This cafeteria-style Italian restaurant on St. Laurent is one of the hippest places on the lower main. It’s a really chill atmosphere, with a cool mixed crowd of loyal customers devoted the science of the perfect slice and serious espresso.

A twist on Halloween treats—try eating insects!

Kids love candy any time of the year, especially at Halloween. If you’re in Montreal, why not try something new this year? Head down to the Insectarium and check out some original trick-or-treats for your little monsters. No, we’re not talking about ‘gummy worms’ here, but real snacks made from insects.


There are millions of recipes for Thanksgiving turkey. Why not try something different this year that will get you in the mood to travel? Frédéric Morin, the chef from the famous Montreal restaurant, Joe Beef (featured in the final issue of Gourmet magazine), will be showing us how to make a Thanksgiving turkey with some typical Montreal ingredients such as bagels, smoked meat, and maple syrup. Not only will you make the most original turkey on the block, you can impress your guests with some souvenirs from your trip to Montreal…and maybe even inspire them to book a ticket to the belle ville.

Montreal’s best cheap ethnic restaurants

Montreal is literally bursting with ethnic restaurants. In fact, you can try a huge range of ethnic delights from over 80 different countries and regions, and more often than not, you can fill up for less than $10!

Montreal Restaurants: Taste Peru at Mochica

Have you ever eaten llama while surrounded by artefacts in a museum? Well, that’s what it’s like at Mochica, a Peruvian restaurant on Montreal’s busy St-Denis Street, where good taste applies to the food as well as your general culture.

Quebec Wine and Cheese Show

  From October 30 to November 1, Montreal will be hosting the 4th annual Salon des vins et fromages du Québec (Quebec Wine and Cheese Show), organized by the Quebec Winegrower’s Association. You’ll have a unique opportunity to take a trip along the Quebec wine route without even leaving the city of Montreal!

Montreal hot dogs: steamed or toasted?

Montreal is known for having hot dogs that are just ever so slightly different from those you find in the rest of Canada or the USA. And so, to really put the dog to the test, I called on Tom Johansmeyers, a New York-based blogger for Gadling and self-proclaimed hot dog expert.

Biscuit de Montreal: a tasty tribute

Come to Montreal, and you just may decide to move here. At least, that’s what happened to pastry chef Eric d’Andria, who decide honour the city by creating a cookie named after it: Biscuit de Montréal (The Montreal Cookie).

Chez Alexandre – A Parisian Brasserie in Montreal!

When a restaurant has made the same location home for 32 years, it earns the right to be called an institution. That’s the case for Chez Alexandre, a classic Parisian Brasserie located in the heart of Montréal.