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The Best French restaurant in Montréal?

If you’re coming to Montréal, you’re probably hoping to indulge in French cuisine, non? Conveniently, the Web allows us to debate restaurants with no risk of a food fight. So as a Twitter user, I decided to ask my followers the big question:  What is the best French restaurant in Montréal?

The diverse flavours of a Cultural Feast

Every year, Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal’s Museum of Archeology and History, puts on a Cultural Feast celebrating Montréal’s various cultural communities through their respective cuisine. It’s free. It’s outdoors. I never miss it. After all, Montréal’s cultural mix makes for a tasty meal.

Montréal and BYOW

Love food? Love wine? Then I’ve got good news: there’s no need for your cup (or wallet) to run dry while in Montréal. That’s right, feel free to tote your favourite bottle with you to hundreds of Bring-Your-Own-Wine (BYOW) restaurants across the city. It’s true that the BYOB concept can be found in other North American cities, but nowhere have I seen it as common as here in Montréal. Heck, we even have entire streets dedicated to the practice (Duluth and Prince Arthur Streets, both in the Plateau area, are lined with BYOW restaurants). The whole process is very civilized. Simply purchase a bottle or two of your favourite wine or beer at the nearest SAQ (government-run liquor store), then bring it in to a BYOW restaurant. Now, you should know that BYOW restaurants often have a bit of a mark-up on their prices (20-30%) to make up for the fact that they don’t have alcohol sales, but you can still end up saving a pretty penny – particularly if you’re the kind of person that enjoys a few glasses of good wine with a meal. I’ll be posting my favourite BYOW restaurants fairly regularly, but to get the ball… / Read More →

Thanksgiving dinner in Montreal Restaurants

Coming to Montreal this weekend? Eager to partake in Canadian Thanksgiving? Here are my restaurant suggestions for the finest of Montreal turkey, potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Montreal Market: Food from the 18th Century

If you love markets, history, and food, here’s your chance to enjoy all three! Just head to Pointe-à-Caillière’s 18th Century Public Market, a free event in Montreal happening on August 29 and 30, and discover how Montrealers lived – and ate – during the 1750s.

Food Samples at Jean-Talon Market

It’s fall, the best time of year to visit Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market (one of the biggest outdoor markets in North America)! I’ve written about it before, but with the fall harvest coming in, I can’t help but mention it again. Jean Talon Market is an absolute must on any foodie’s travel itinerary in Montreal.

Caffé Italia: the best Italian coffee in Montreal

(photo: Zoita-Flickr) Since Caffé Italia first opened its doors back in 1956, not much has changed. Having a coffee here is like going back in time,” explains Mike, the manager. Caffé Italia is an institution in the Montreal Italian community, and it’s definitely a mandatory stop when I’m showing friends around Montreal.

Montreal Cheese Shop: La Maison du Cheddar

It’s a fact: We, the people of Quebec, love our cheeses. Maybe it’s because of our French origins? Or maybe it’s because we know a good thing when we see it (or eat it, in this case). We eat it as part of our meals, as a separate course after meals, and also as a snack. In fact, stop in any Quebec convenience store, and you’ll find cheese curds right at the counter with the chocolate bars. Yes, that’s how dedicated we are to cheese.

How to order coffee in Montreal

Picture it: Montreal. A sunny Sunday morning. You walk into a romantic French café and decide to show your special someone just how worldly you are by ordering your coffee in French. “Un café, s’il vous plait.” Yeah, if only it were that easy. What your Berlitz book of French phrases didn’t tell you is that, in Montreal, there’s more to coffee than just “café.”