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Bring your own Wine Restaurant: Les Infidèles

In Montreal, bring-your-own-wine BYOW restaurants are really popular – probably a reflection of how deeply entrenched wine culture is here. You can find everything from BYOW Greek to BYOW Vietnamese restaurants in most any neighbourhood. But when I want to bring my own bottle to a French restaurant with full-on sophistication, I go to Les Infidèles.

Montréal Mornings with Healthy muffins

Being a food journalist also means being a gym member. The last time I hosted a food show, I gained 8 pounds in two months! So, every morning after one of my fine dining adventures (life is hard, isn’t it?), I go straight to the gym and then to Capucine et Tournesol Bakery for a sugar-free Reine Elizabeth muffin (which is the French name for German chocolate).

Montreal’s best almond croissants: a saga

Being a food blogger is a tough job. Seriously. I have to keep up-to-speed about food trends happening around the world, and especially in my own backyard. Imagine my surprise – and concern – when I read on Chowhound that the best almond croissants in Montréal are sold just minutes from my house. How could I not know about this? Despite having already had breakfast, I immediately put on my shoes and headed out for some investigative journalism.

The spirit of the Magdalen Islands

In every state or province, there’s a region that’s all about having a good time. In Quebec, it’s the Magdalen Islands — a small cluster of islands lost in the Atlantic ocean and full of joie de vivre. Two sisters who grew up there have decided to bring their native land’s spirit to the city by opening an authentic island restaurant here in Montréal: Les Îles en ville!

Take a tour of Portugal with chef Héléna Loureiro

“Can I take you on a tour of Portugal with tapas? A little bit of everything?” asked chef Héléna Loureiro when I sat down at Portus Calle, in the heart of Montréal’s Portuguese neighborhood. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for culinary tours…

The Joy of Sharing!

As a genuine food lover, I have the bad habit (bad for others, good for me) of always wanting to sample every dish on the table. After all, doesn’t food look twice as tasty when it’s on someone else’s plate?  I can’t resist and often find myself asking people I’ve just met if I can have a little taste of their meal.

Point G, Your G-Spot in Montréal

Finally, I found my G-Spot in Montréal! It’s actually called Point G (the French term for that elusive source of pleasure), because, in French, G is for glaces, gauffres and gourmandises (ice cream, waffles and treats).

Desperately seeking the best croissant in Montréal

Good news: Delicious croissants abound in Montréal. In fact, some neighbourhoods in this city boast as many bakeries as their Parisian counterparts. But since you can’t possibly spend your entire weekend in Montréal testing croissants (or can you?), I thought I’d put my personal favourites to the test, so that you can sink your teeth into our city’s finest with no further ado.

Homemade Cupcakes in Montréal – at last!

  After much anticipation, the cupcake trend finally hit Montréal a few years go. And while there’s no such thing as a bad cupcake, my favourite place to get these little mouthfuls of joy is Cocoa Locale. Here, you can chat with baker Reema Singh as she removes the freshly-baked cakes from the ovens, and as you try to decide which funky flavour you want.

Montreal Restaurant: Hidden Market

“Have you heard about Hidden Market? It’s a secret restaurant that’s actually hidden somewhere in Montréal.” These words, which came to me by email, were… Frankly, intriguing! They called to my passion for secrets and, of course, food.