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How to Spend a day like a Princess in Montreal!

Warning: The following article will either make you very jealous or inspire you to book the next flight to Montreal. Every woman deserves at least one day a year when she can treat herself like a princess. You work hard, clean, cook, are a devoted mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, child, friend… The time has come to take some time for yourself and have fun, like royalty!

Anne-Marie Chagnon: spicing up your jewellery box

Robert Ludlum once said “the most precious jewels are not made of stone, but of flesh.”  That would be us, ladies. And although that’s very true, every woman knows what a good piece of jewellery can do to her outfit: magic.

Rouge Nail Bar: Pedicures and Champagne

Ladies, I’m in heaven! Let me introduce Rouge Nail Bar, the ultimate Montreal girl salon where you can get a manicure and pedicure whilst drinking champagne and watching episodes of Sex and the City! That’s right, they thought of everything!

Top 5 Montreal Myths Debunked

Last week, I was in New York City meeting with locals from the Big Apple and giving away free trips to Montreal (Oh, isn’t life rough?) And as I interacted with people on the street, I quickly realized that many myths about Montreal persist in the collective imagination of Americans. Myths that need some rapid debunking…

Mackage: Coats that live up to the woman in you

Mackage designers, Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassi, are my fashion saviours. Their coats have taken me from miserable, frozen and hating winter to elegant, warm and looking forward to those first snow flakes.

Whip It! Roller-Derby Girls in Montreal

Hey, Drew Barrymore (aka the director of soon to be released roller derby movie Whip It). Maybe you should send Ellen Page to do some field research in Montreal. Because when it comes to derby, I’m pretty sure Montreal could hit Austin with a major hip check.

Bringing back the Hat

As you may know, travelling involves loads of walking under the sun — which means you need a hat. Hats are the ideal summer trend to pack with you on vacation. Cool and useful. The fanny pack and white socks on the other hand, stay at home.

Free Things to do in Montreal: July

We love free things to do and thankfully Montreal is full of them! Here are my top free things to do in Montreal from July 15 to July 31!