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Billie Boutique: Clothes for modern girls

A pretty little shop on Laurier Street, Billie Boutique is without a doubt the best stop on the strip to dress your inner girlie girl. Their feminine goodies will take you from work to cocktails in no time, and that’s exactly why women love shopping there: casual day wear and timeless trendy items all at one stop.

Find Tamy in New York City

Hellooo America!   Big news! Your Montreal Girls’ Getaway Insider (that would be me) will be in the Big Apple on Thursday July 16 and Friday July 17.

Top Ten Places to Spot a Cutie in Montréal

Whether you’re looking for some eye candy to get over a bad breakup or simply want to have fun, I’ve got you covered. Here are the top ten places to spot a good-looking man in Montreal!

Stevie Wonder pays tribute to Michael Jackson

Montreal, June 30, 2009. 12:45pm The phone rings. -Hi, Tamy? -Speaking. -It’s Elise from the Montreal Jazz Festival. It’s confirmed, Stevie Wonder will be giving a press conference at 1:00pm at LA MAISON DU FESTIVAL.

Denis Gagnon on the Montréal Fashion Diaries

DENIS GAGNON is the Montréal designer who attracts the biggest crowds during Fashion Week. I must have spilled at least two Dirty Martinis last season just trying to wade through the crowd gathered for his 2009-2010 Fall-Winter collection.

Montreal Shopping Wish list #2: Corno’s artwork

This one’s quite simple: I want a Corno painting. Actually, let me rephrase that. I’m dying for a Corno painting. Who’s the object of my wall’s desires? None other than Quebec-born painter Johanne Corno, the self-described urban expressionist whose big dreams landed her in the Big Apple more than 15 years ago. But guess what! She’s back in town for the Jazz Festival with an amazing piece you can’t afford to leave hanging!

Montreal’s Secret Pool

St-Jean-Baptiste Day. 30 degrees. No A/C. On a day like today, a true insider is left with no other choice: Montreal’s secret hipster pool, here I come!


Did you know you can surf in Montréal? Just minutes from downtown, two permanent waves in the St. Lawrence River allow water babies (locals, tourists, beginners and pros) to surf in the city. Surf’s up, so read on! 

St-Laurent Street Sale Returns

Montréal’s St-Laurent Boulevard is going at it again with its notorious street sale and party. I spoke to you about the STREET FAIR about two weeks ago, but unfortunately the original weekend was rained out. This weekend, however, the sun should be shining, so put on your flip-fops and summer dresses . . . It’s time for afternoon sun and discount shopping, all in one place!