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Fashion and Design Festival of Montréal

Fashion & Design Festival kicks off this Wednesday at the heart of Downtown Montréal! That means that McGill Avenue is transforming into a giant open-air runway and that models, avid shoppers and tourists are taking over the streets for one big party!

Relax at Montréal’s Botanical Garden

Spent Saturday night out drinking wine on a patio or dancing like you were 21 all over again? Looking for something tranquil to do on Sunday that doesn’t involve hanging with hippies at the Mount Royal Tam-Tams or sweating away to the heavy beats of Piknic Electronik?

Matt & Nat Bag Throwing: Do not try this at home

Ok, so I spent the last week telling you how I was gearing up for Matt & Nat’s free bag giveway I even bragged about the helmet and kneepads that were going to ensure my success, yada yada yada, etc, no need to quote me, please. Well . . . The bag throwing has come and gone, and I’m at home nursing a sore ego. There. I admit it. I didn’t catch a purse. Actually, I did, until a crazy woman ripped it out of my hands and dragged me on the cement, walking away with MY prize, and leaving me to find the shoe I had lost in the battle.

Rad Hourani: Avant-Garde Fashion in Montreal

As one of Montréal’s most talented designers, Rad Hourani spends quite a bit of time hopping from one fashion city to another. Luckily, I was able to catch him between flights and talk to him about his work, why he designs clothes in black and why he doesn’t believe in trends or celebrities.

M Boutique: Shop at the Museum

Last week I promised I would tell you more about the great shopping opportunities of the Museum of Fine Arts. Well here I am, keeping my promise. *Here is where you feel privileged. I don’t always keep promises*

The MMFA: not just another museum!

Think museums are boring? Think again! A few weeks ago, I attended a remarkable event – the annual ball of the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts – to give you a real example of how creative, innovative and unique this Montréal institution is.

Rooftop Drinks at Verses Sky

Great pic, huh? Hotel Nelligan’s patio bar, called Verses Sky, is one of Montréal’s best-kept secrets!

The St-Laurent Street Fair

Torn between spending the day shopping or enjoying the sun? The St-Laurent Street Fair lets you do both! With the street closed to traffic from May 28-31, the stores and restaurants spill onto the sidewalks, and thousands of people come out for the party, making for terrific bargain-hunting and people watching.