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Era Vintage: A Shopping Haven

Let’s face it. You have to be in the mood to shop for vintage. You need to focus, your attention unwavering and your fashion radar on full throttle. Sifting through piles of clothes takes a lot of energy – especially when it smells of mothballs. But what if vintage clothes always looked – and smelled – like roses? That’s what fashionista-pioneer Élaine Léveillée had in mind when setting up Era Vintage.

Montréal’s Hottest Hammams

You know that little hamster in your head that simply won’t stop gyrating? The bills to pay, the emails to send, the weddings to attend, the insomnia to cure… Well, you need to put that hamster in a hammam! The heat and steam will put that serenity-wrecking rodent to sleep instantly! Discover the best places to steam away your stress in Montréal.

A Sex and the City moment at Buvette chez Simone

Buvette Chez Simone is my favorite spot in Montréal. Kicking back in my neighbourhood, drinking great wine with my girlfriends, talking about our careers, travels, ideas…and men (obviously). I always felt like my life was a movie, most often then not, a black and white one. At Buvette however, I’m clearly in the middle of a Sex and the City episode and I’m clearly Carrie Bradshaw. Perhaps with an ounce of Samantha. And a twist of Miranda.

Jeff Stinco loves Montreal

Last week, I had the chance to catch up with Jeff Stinco, lead guitarist of the internationally renowned group Simple Plan. After travelling the world, here’s why Montréal is still at the top of his list!

Cavalia equals STUNNING

Pure Spanish, Arabian, Lusitano, Appaloosa, Criollo, Canadian, Belgian, and Comtois horses… Such a noble line-up can only mean one thing: CAVALIA is in town! This is an ode to splendour that you will not want to miss!

Freebies for the Ladies

Who doesn’t like a free dinner once in a while? Let’s face it ladies, economic times are tough. In the great depression of the 30s, women completely reinvented fashion by tailoring their old garments. Last week, Oprah was giving out free KFC dinners to all of America. She even said she had the newly grilled chicken for dinner and for lunch the next day. Why did she eat it? Because it’s free!

Bike + Taxi = BIXI

Get some exercise, explore the city and meet locals . . . by bike! Starting May 12, Montréal will have a brand new public bike system that will make it that much easier for tourists – and Montrealers – to take a spin around town. Get the goods on this fun travel option…

Finger-licking good chicken is worth lining up for

After raiding Era Vintage late yesterday afternoon, I found myself fully loaded with the most awesome, cutest, most stylish, make-all-your-friends-jealous pieces of Montreal fashion. My arms were full, but all that shopping left a hole in my stomach. I was starting to feel “hangry,” when the craving kicked in. I needed chicken. But I wasn’t craving just any chicken. I was craving Romados chicken.

Cirque du Soleil: Release your inner lady[bug]

The Big Top is up in the Old Port of Montréal and – although I would never wear royal blue and mustard yellow in the same outfit – those colours have never looked better together!

Hunting for Vintage Treasures in Mile End

Mile End is to Montréal what Willamsburg is to New York: our city’s hipster hub and playground for everything fresh. On the sidewalk, you will probably pass an indie rocker, a writer, and a harmonica player, followed by a Hasidic Jew, his wife, and their babies. That’s normal.