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Making Imelda Marcos Jealous

“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.” Thank goodness you don’t have to own as many shoes as Imelda Marcos to feel like you’re on top of the world! Although it is nice to own a few gorgeous pairs…

Casbah Chique Thursdays

Belly dancers, rose petals, water ponds, white-washed vaulting ceilings, deep blue oceanic tones, pink bougainvillea flowers cascading from the walls, displays of fresh fish and fruits on ice …

Making a Huge Splash for Change

Have you ever wanted to make the world a better place, but felt helpless in the face of the world’s problems? Perhaps you’re wondering how your single voice could help make the world a happier place?

MARTINIS: Practice makes Perfect!

Saturday. 6 pm. I just discovered the most amazing place for martinis in Montreal!!! Three words: Ateliers et Saveurs! This is a place where you can learn to make cocktails from a professional mixologist and then drink it all!

TRAVIS TADDEO: Calling the bold and the fierce

A few years ago, I couldn’t help but notice that some of the city’s coolest club kids were all dressed in these edgy, innovative outfits. It was only a matter of time — and with a little help from  my friend Stefan who knows just about every single person in Montréal — for me to finally meet the man behind all the hype.

A Jog with a View

Coming on vacation to Montréal and want to keep up with your exercise routine? I have the perfect plan for you! It’s called Mount Royal, aka The Lungs of Montréal!


Shopping? Check. Meet Chantal for coffee? Check. Go to market and sample all the mouth-watering treats? Check. Walked all day on Old Montréal’s cobblestones and need a rest? Chhhheck!   That’s it. I am bringing my tired feet for a pedicure!

Free things to do in Montreal: August & Beyond

Hey girls, So, I’m back with my regular monthly post about free activities to do in Montreal. Some from the JULY EDITION are still valid, such as the free meditation, ballroom dance classes and fireworks, but here are some all-new suggestions for the month of August to keep you from breaking the bank during your vacation. Enjoy!


For years now, Juliette & Chocolat have proven to be Montreal royalty when it comes to cocoa love. With more than 20 varieties of hot chocolates to choose from and an endless selection of  fine and vintage chocolates, ice creams, cakes, smoothies and other delicacies, it comes a no surprise that the café-boutique (which already had “pignon sur rue” on Laurier and St-Denis Streets),  just opened a third, and may I add, stunning, location to their popular business.