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This blog is about gay life in Montréal. So you’re probably wondering – what’s so gay about Bach? Well the dude certainly wore a lot of wigs and played a mean organ.

If you are in Montréal between November 24 to December 5, you might want to balance your strip club visits with some classical music. You know, maintain equilibrium in the universe.

Here’s the inside scoop from the good folks at the Montréal Bach Festival:

Inspired by the venerable tradition of the Bach Festivals of Europe, the Montréal Bach Festival proudly announces its 3rd edition, bringing together many of the most prestigious classical music artists on the international stage with the best of the classical music scene in Montréal, a city renowned for its cultural life and musical sophistication. “The timeless genius of Johann Sebastien Bach laid the foundation for every composer and musician to follow,” comments Festival Founder and Artistic Director, Alexandra Scheibler, “the Montréal Bach Festival embraces the highest of musical standards, as Bach did in his own time, and aims to celebrate music in the highest sense.”

The Montréal Bach Festival is delighted to once again partner with Kent Nagano and l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal. J.S. Bach’s sublime masterpiece, the St. Matthew Passion, launches the Festival on November 24 & 25 at Place des Arts.

Now get Bach to work! Before I’m forced to make another poor pun!


Montréal Bach Festival 2009
November 24 to December 5
514-581-7538 or 514-581-8637

(PS: According to Wikipedia, Bach fathered 20 children, so I’m guessing he had at least one straight bone in his body! No Bach door for him! Badum-ching! Somebody stop me!)

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