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Montréal is unarguably Canada’s party city. You wanna take a kayak to work, then you go to Vancouver. You wanna get rich off oil money, you go to Calgary. You wanna burn off the blahs of everyday life and party like the sun might not rise, you come to Montréal.

Clearly the key ingredient to every party city is the ability to host a good party. I don’t want to brag, but we seem to have mastered the “epic party.” Between Resolution, The Jazz Festival, Divers/Cité, Black & Blue, and the weekly Piknic Électronik, we barely have time to bake our delicious French patisseries.

The next big party in Montréal will be ”The White Party”, or, as it’s known on the streets, “Bal en Blanc.”

Simply put, Bal en Blanc is an annual massive dance party that attracts top name DJs and visitors from around North America for a weekend of techno-music-nirvana. This year’s all-star lineup includes David Guetta, Ana Paula, David Morales, Sied Van Riel, LMFAO and others.  More than 15 000 people will be expected to attain electronic enlightenment for the 16th installment of the celebration.

Bal en Blanc is a Montréal celebration of music, sophisticated light installations and human diversity.  It’s gonna be big.


WHAT TO WEAR White. The crowd is a sea of white, creating a spectacular visual effect. Prove your individuality through your dance moves.

WHERE TO EAT The Palais de Congrais is walking distance from Old Montreal. If you’d like to treat yourself to some fine dining, check out Restaurant Verses or Bar & Boeuf. For smaller budgets, check out the many options in Chinatown.

HOW TO RECOVER The Spa. A side effect of dancing all night is often a pair of feet that need pampering. Get yourself spoiled at the steamy relaxation rooms of the Scandinavian Baths.



Bal en Blanc (16th Edition)
April 1 – 5, 2010
Main Event: Sunday April 4th (Palais des Congès)
Twitter: @balenblanc

To see some fun video content from the previous editions of the Bal en Blanc, click here.

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