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It’s 7:00 AM and there are still 3000 people dancing. Aren’t they tired? Don’t they want to go home and take a nap? Isn’t it poutine time yet?  No, it’s Montreal’s 17th edition of Bal en Blanc and the energy is far (far) from over…

With just a little over six days to go until the official launch of Weekend Bal en Blanc (White Party Weekend), it’s time to get your affairs in order. Bal en Blanc takes place this coming weekend around Montreal with the main event starting April 24th at Palais des Congres. With DJ’s like Tiesto, Armand Van Helden and Above & Beyond, this edition of Bal en Blanc has some serious international flare. The music is covered, but have you bought your tickets yet? Currently tickets are priced at $130 each, but get yours soon, as the closer it gets to the main event the higher the price goes! Once your tickets are bought it’s time to plan this right…

WHAT TO WEAR: White, white and only white. Grey is not white, beige is not white and a red shirt with white trim is not white. The only thing that is white is white. It’s very elementary. This is important to follow or you’ll be teased relentlessly. For example take my Bal en Blanc outfit that has been in development by The Haus of Dunphy for months now: My theme is “Polar Bear Chic”. White knit top, fine white cotton shorts and an elegant white floor-length coat to throw off dramatically at coat check. I drew inspiration from the arctic, polar fleece and nearly extinct animals. The important thing is to get creative. Some would say: “Alex, you’re going to die of heat exhaustion in your white polar chic getup”. What do I retort? Fashion takes risks and sometimes sacrifice, and if it doesn’t make me bleed or cry, I’ll do it. But where will you find your outfit? I find the best outfits are ones that are created from a base. Go buy white basics on St. Catherine Street at American Apparel, H&M or Zara and then cut, slash, sew and mod them into something super rad. For men, Le Chateau appears to have a never dwindling supply of white pants, ties and jackets. Get creative and look snazzy. For the ladies, try those “intimate moment” stores that have costumes of nurses, angels, and sexy white rabbits. If you’re having a time crunch and looking for a one-stop shop for everything (white wigs, white latex, white make up, etc.) then Boutique Moulin-Rose in the heart of the Gay Village is the place to go. Often frequented by drag queens on Halloween, Bal en Blanc weekend is their other busy season!

WHAT TO EAT: So you’ll be decked out in all white, obviously poutine will not be a wise choice. Nobody is calling it “Bal en Blanc with a Gravy Stain”. For the best eats nearby, go to the official sponsor restaurant of Bal en Blanc called Otto. Located right inside the W Hotel, it’s the perfect place to start the night. The food is delicate, not messy or heavy, so it’s the perfect fuel to sustain your dancing for several hours.

Another option is Restaurant Carte Blanche. With an appropriate name for this weekend, it also has won several major awards: Les Grands Prix du Tourisme Quebecois in 2008, and, in 2010, the SCCPQ (Société des Chefs Cusiniers et Patissiers du Québec) presented chef and owner André Loiseau with an award for 25 years of outstanding culinary dedication. The bonus is, yes, you’ll match lots of the décor inside.

HOW TO BEHAVE: A major part of Bal en Blanc is “prevention”. They work hard to prevent drunk driving, drug use and general poor choices. Every year thousands of partiers have an amazing time while remaining safe and healthy. So keep it clean with a clear conscience and dance the night away!

Guest Blogger: Alex Dunphy


BAL EN BLANC, April 21- 25th, 2011.

Tickets are $130 for main event on 24th at Palais Des Congress

Shopping on St. Catherine Street (American Apparel, H&M, Zara, and Le Chateau)

Boutique Moulin-Rose, 1119 Ste Catherine E, (514) 527-7222

Otto, 901 Victoria Square, (514) 395-3180

Resto Carte Blanche, 1159 Ontario East, (514) 313-8019 ‬‎


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