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For the second year in a row, the SAT (Société des arts technologiques) and the Quartier des Spectacles will be hosting a series of evenings under the stars to combine three of our favourite things: movies, music, and delicious BBQ…

Starting tonight, July 5, this series of 13 evenings will feature screenings sponsored by some of Montreal’s brightest film festivals and events, preceded by barbecue goodies and accompanied by DJs in the urban Parc de la Paix (Peace Park) on the Main, in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles, Montreal’s festival neighbourhood.

The series kicks off with a screening of Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present by documentary filmmaker Matthew Akers, which will be accompanied by DJ Alexis Bowles and BBQ by Szef Bartek, a local barbecue guru, food critic, and sausage authority.

This winning combination, while intriguing, begs the question: What kind of street meat goes best with electronic music? In answering, Bartek pointed out that his entrée into this event was by invitation of the SAT’s Foodlab, a happening hub of all things culinary in this cutting-edge artistic space.

Due to the limited equipment he’ll be working with (the simplest of gas grills), Bartek specifies that he is going to be serving up a grilled pork sandwich rather than a barbecue that’s low, slow and saucy, or any of his famous sausages. The sandwiches will be pork kebabs crusted with fennel and coriander seed, with a fennel bulb, coriander leaf salad, garlic and lemon sauce, all on a bun: A two-handed fennel delicacy that’s a crowd-pleaser. A vegan version will also be available.

Barbecue and DJs will be from 7-9pm, followed by screenings from 9-11pm. A full DJ schedule for the summer can be found on the event’s Facebook page and, as far as the screenings go, the full list has yet to be announced, but evenings will be sponsored and programmed by RIDM, Vues d’Afrique festival, Fantasia, POP Montréal and many more.

If you miss tonight’s event and still have a hankering for Bartek-style street meat, he’s also the author of some sausage making classes, or “saucisse sessions”, at Depanneur Le Pick-Up. He hopes to showcase a hyper-regional specialty, the enigmatic “grillade de Valleyfield”, later this summer, so stay tuned.


Cinéma, DJs & BBQ à la Place de la Paix, July 5 to August 31, 2012

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