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Oh Instagram, what would we do without you? Well… we’d probably survive, but we’d have to go without the 10,000+ #MTLMOMENTS that both tourists and locals have experienced, captured and shared. I think everyone would agree: Montreal, you’re one ridiculously photogenic city. Here is a carefully curated selection of some summer lovin’ moments in Montreal…

macaroons24 found this beautiful (and wacky) mural on one of the many brick walls in Montreal.

fred514 shared this stunning earth-plant-water-sculpture of Mother Nature at the Mosaïcultures in the Botanical Gardens.

If you’ve never had a Beaver Tail, go have a Beaver Tail. They’re delicious, sinful, amazing. Dare we say… Dessert after a Poutine? Thanks to theworldwanderer for the pic!

talentedmissripley skillfully shot this silhouette of Mr. Maisonneuve in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica. If he only knew in 1642 when he founded Ville Marie (now present day Montreal) that one day people would Instagram pics of him, and we would blog about it. Thanks Maisonneuve! This place is totally awesome now.

The gorgeous Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with double hearts for double the #MTL love. Pic by globlove.

Backstage shot of the crowd at Heavy MTL Music Festival in Parc Jean-Drapeau. As juicero put it: “this is pretty f!@#$in’ crazy.”

You’re walking down the street and you hear someone tickling the ivories on a public piano. Bam, Montreal Moment. Great shot tledwell!

Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal playing a free show outside the Olympic Stadium. So much cloud drama. Photo by slkoh!

steevy_ was in the crowd as Gilbert Baker (creator of the Pride rainbow flag) raises it up at the Fierté MTL Pride opening ceremonies.

maya53 posted this pic of the famous Fairmount Bagels before heading to the airport. Hope you had an amazing trip!

mocali took a pic of their yummy lunch at Europea! Is it… A dessert? A cheese fort? WHAT IS INSIDE?!?

Slightly eerie pic by jfsavaria of the Jacques Cartier Bridge stretching over the St. Laurence.


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