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Ben Mulroney is renowned, of course, for his handsome presence as presenter on eTalk Daily. He also makes a cameo appearance in Jay Barushel’s The Trotsky (playing the role of a famous eTalk Daily presenter)!

Last week, he took time off from his busy schedule to profess his love for Montréal through the much lauded Quickie With Montreal/Toronto initiative that is currently hitting the streets of both cities ( our video). 

As Ben now lives in Toronto, I wondered if he missed his home town – la belle ville de Montréal. Last week, I had the chance to ask him about what made him home-sick.

Do you miss the city ?
I miss Montreal all the time. I miss my family and friends and favourite hangouts.

What are your fondest Montreal memories?
So many of my great memories from my youth play out in my mind in Montreal: backyard barbeques at my parents’ home, late nights (and early mornings!) on St-Laurent, Habs games and smoked meat, working at Juste Pour Rire every summer… Living in Montreal was like dating the coolest and most stylish girl in school.

You have a cameo in The Trotsky, the new Jay Barushel movie that came out last week. What do you think about it?
It is one of the most intelligent, witty and honest movies I have seen in years, and that is due to 3 reasons: Jay Baruchel, Jason Tierney and a character named “Montreal”.

What is are you favourite parts of the city ?
Anywhere my wife is.

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