Best Montreal 5-a-7: Part 2

Posted on September 18th, 2009 by .

A couple friends recently pointed out that my previous post on Montreal’s best 5-a-7s seemed to all be located suspiciously near my apartment. I responded that if that was my main determining criteria, I would have included the 5-a-7s that I regularly throw in my apartment as the workday comes to a close. I also wouldn’t have included that sneaky “Part 1” in the post title. But, point taken. So, in part 2, we stretch our drinking wings a bit (p.s. please don’t drink and fly)….

Chez Baptiste: A pretty straightforward spot on Mont-Royal, in an area filled with bars and restos waiting to be discovered. Comfortable sofas, worn wooden floors, foosball (known by the French as “babyfoot,” which is of course actually English and entirely hilarious), hockey games a plenty and tons of great local beers. 1045 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est – (514) 522-1384

Vices et Versa: Located where the Mile End turns into Little Italy, this popular, unassuming post-work stop off boasts a fun take on the 5-a-7: Combine their “plate of vices” filled with cheeses, pâtés and all that good stuff with a carousel of 6 sample-sized glasses of great Quebec beers. 6631 St Laurent Blvd – (514) 272-2498‎

XO: Ok, this is primarily a restaurant (and a very good one located in a very nice hotel, the Hotel St-James, in Old Montreal). In fact, having received 4 stars from the Montreal Gazette in the spring, it is currently closed for renovations in order to handle the new attention. But when it re-opens in October, try stopping in to sample from its 5-a-7 menu and not only its extensive wine collection but also its equally impressive selection of whiskeys. 355 St. Jacques Street – (514) 841-5000

Le Drugstore: Smack dab in the middle of the Gay village, this is a great big rambling building (3 floors during the week, 6 on the weekend!) with tons of personality decorated in a…let’s call it classy kitsch. It also, shockingly, filled with gay men and lesbians. When I visited, I made this shocking discovery: the beer seemed to taste exactly the same as it does outside of the Village. 1366 Ste-Catherine Street E. – (514) 524-1960

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