Biscuit de Montreal: a tasty tribute

Posted on October 14th, 2009 by .

Come to Montreal, and you just may decide to move here. At least, that’s what happened to pastry chef Eric d’Andria, who decide honour the city by creating a cookie named after it: Biscuit de Montréal (The Montreal Cookie).

Originally from Provence, d’Andria decided to cook up a cookie made with ingredients that represent the city’s demographics: Italian olive oil, Canadian butter, French vanilla and Quebec maple syrup. As he says on his website, it was a way for him to honor the various cultural facets of the province of Quebec. I noticed that plenty of cultures were left out of the recipe (Irish potatoes, Jewish bagels, Chinese spices, Lebanese garlic sauce, etc.), but I imagine he had to make some choices in order to come up with something people would be willing to eat!

And willing to eat these cookies I am! Half sugar cookie, half shortbread, they are crisp, sweet and available in four flavors: cranberry-raspberry, citrus, Belgian chocolate and my favorite, maple sugar crisp. Impossible to eat just one. (Impossible to eat just two!)

OK, so where can you find the Montreal cookie? Go to any of the following and ask for “Le Biscuit de Montreal”:

Marché du Vieux
Patisserie Marius et Fanny
Au Pain Doré Bakeries
Marché des Saveurs

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