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This weekend’s Black & Blue party will celebrate 20 years of incredible electronic music. Headlining the “House” room is the divine, award-winning, Paris-based DJ Paulette.

We caught up with DJ Paulette to chat about house music, Montreal and the projects she is working on.


Montreal Buzz: A simple/complex question: What is “House” music to you?

DJ Paulette: House music is the feeling that makes the clubs and the bass bins rock, and that sets you reeling. House music is 1989 to the future. House music is the life I love living. House music is what I play at home when I record my radio show and listen through promos for my set, but not what I listen to when I am chilling out. House music frees the spirit and unleashes the dancer in me, just like disco and hip-hop / R n B.

Have you been to Montreal before? What do you like to do?

I have been to Montreal many times before, and each time I try to do a little sightseeing, a little shopping, a little hanging out and eating out whenever time allows. I always try to get a walk in the park up to the cross on the top of the hill in (Parc Mont Royal). I love that walk in the fall – all the colours in play with the leaves changing. It’s always nice to visit the old town too, to hang out with the horses…

What are your impressions of the Black & Blue Party?

Black & Blue is always a spectacular event. Every show better than the last, planned meticulously like an army assault and beautifully stage managed. Black & Blue brings talents from all over the globe, established, new, favourites but tries to mix it up and really offer something for everybody. It’s a multi-day festival that tries to transmit a positive international message about gay culture and society in general and includes as many types of people as possible in its realization – no bars, no barriers, no attitudes, no “isms” or phobias allowed.

What projects are you working on now?

I am working on a radio show pilot for the UK, my weekly radio show in France – which has now been picked up and syndicated weekly around France and in 5 countries internationally. There is a compilation CD under discussion due for 2011 but I am not sure about the release date yet. I am also working on my tri-monthly residency at Queen Club in Paris – we have the dates secured so now the concepts have to be created. Every party is themed, every detail requires special attention and I am La Reine du Tout! I have also started writing a book – I am already three chapters in and my readers are impressed so far… If I get it finished and published you can have a signed first edition as you’re the first to know outside of my circle of very close friends. (Editorial Note: Sweet!)

Who is your dream collaboration?

Laidback Luke. His beats drive my heartbeat like a Pacemaker, and his basslines make me dance like I have red shoes on. Working with him would be a real education, a treat, a joy and an honour, but I have been too in awe to ask before. I have decided that maybe now is the time to work on it…


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