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The annual Montreal Black & Blue Festival is one of the world’s great parties.

What started back in 1991 as a simple fundraiser for HIV/AIDS related charities has become a full-fledged 7-day social, cultural, sports and party event that attracts thousands of people from around the globe to Montreal.

This year is the 20th anniversary of Black & Blue, and the organizational team (Bad Boys Club) is sparing no expense in throwing a grand shindig. The best DJs from Chicago, Australia, Holland, Egypt and beyond will be descending on Montreal from October 6 – 12.

But, you ask, is this party for me? Well thankfully I’ve created a highly scientific one-question quiz to see if this party is for you.

Which of the follow appeal to you?

a)   Cutting edge House or Trance music
b)   Stunning live performance art
c)    Sexy bodies from all over the world
d)   All of the above

If you circled a, b, c or d, you’re going to want to get your arse to Montreal for this unique festival.


Here’s a sample of the action…



Jock Ball
Featuring: Shawn Riker & David Laguer
Thursday, October 7
Sky Club (1474 St-Catherine Street East)
10 PM – 3 AM

Leather Ball
Featuring: Jack Chang, Escape, Scotty Thomson
Friday, October 8
Theatre Telus (1280 St-Denis Street)
10 PM – 8 AM

Military Ball
Featuring: Stéfane Lippé, Manny Lehman, Tony Moran
Saturday, October 9
Theatre Telus (1280 St-Denis Street)
10 PM – 8 AM

Black & Blue (The Main Event)
Sunday, October 10
Palais des congrès (1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle)
9 PM – Noon

House Room: DJ Rosabel, Chus & Ceballos, Paulette, Mark Anthony
Trance Room: Omar el Gamal, TYDI, Marco V, Gareth Emery, Aly & Fila, Simon Patterson, Carl Müren

Recovery Party
Featuring: TBA
Stereo Nightclub (858 St-Catherine Street East)
11 PM – 8 AM



Big Jump Volleyball Tournament
October 8 – 10

15th Annual Swim-o-Thon
Saturday October 2

Theatre: Paradise by the River
Presented by Centaur Theatre Company
October 5 – 31



VIP Dinner
Le Planète (1451 St-Catherine Street East)
Saturday, October 9

Official Brunches
Saturday, October 9 – Le Saloon (1333 St-Catherine Street East)
Sunday, October 10 – Le Planète (1451 St-Catherine Street East)
Monday, October 11 – NüVü Bistro (1336 St-Catherine Street East)



Black & Blue
6 – 12 October 2010
Presented by Bad Boy Club Montreal
Official Hotel: Delta Centreville


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