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Senior contributing editor to WIRED UK, and renowned blogger Geoff Manaugh (of BLDGBLOG fame) and author (BLDGBLOG The Book) joins the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) for a summer blogging series called CCA from…, as Visiting Scholar 2010.  But this is no dusty academic!  He has taught design studios at Columbia University and Pratt, so he kind of knows a lot of stuff.

This is great!  The CCA, a reputed international research centre and museum devoted to architecture, is revered around the world for its exhibitions, research and collections, is now being read about on Geoff’s blog by a whole new audience. This new vantage point provides a meeting space for online visitors to encounter the CCA. We can all live vicariously as Geoff explores the prints and drawings, books, photographs, artefacts and archives amassed by CCA founder and director Phyllis Lambert.

Q What are you doing at the CCA ?

I am ‘connecting the dots’.  There is a huge amount in the CCA archives, and as I am a generalist,  I connect what I see with ideas I may have in my mind.  Sort of ‘bloggers in the archives’.

Q What have you seen so far that you love?

The children’s toy and photos from the mid 1800s are fun.  It inspires the idea of a ‘cut-out and assemble book’ for kids.

Q Where are you staying in Montreal

In the Plateau area, and I often walk to work (René-Lévesque near Fort) so I see a lot on the way.  I haven’t had the chance to look at downtown architecture yet though.I walk along de Maisonneuve and Ste-Catherine streets.  I love the friendliness.

Q What do you blog about regarding the CCA

All this scholarly research is a resource.  I am taking a casual approach, and exposing it to a new readership in a new way.  You can actually ‘see’ the pages I am looking at on the CCA site

Q  how did you get into this blogging which is now your career ?

I started a blog BLDGBLOG, and it kickstarted my career as a blogger.  I was teaching at Columbia U+ Pratt,, and then the blogging took off.  I then published BDGBLOG The Book with some new material along with some of the old.

SCOOP!  CCA Garden is open to all.  Enjoy. It is fabulous !

Stroll around to the ‘back’ of the CCA on René-Lévesque, and marvel over the ‘sculptures in the sky’ at the CCA Garden, designed by artist-architect Melvin Charney.  This large area was created as a comment on the scar a 20th century highway made by slicing through the urban fabric.  Here, you can rest awhile amidst an orchard of trees surrounded by high grass and a structure that is a mirror image of the CCA.

Open to the public all year round.

A great way to discover the collection. Call or email to make an appointment. The CCA also offers group tours and educational programs for children

Canadian Centre for Architecture , 1920 Baile Street.  514-939-7000

Open wednesday to sunday, 11 am to 6 pm; Thursday, 11 am to 9 pm.

LOVE WHAT YOU SEE ?  Browse in the CCA Boutique.  Best books on design and architecture in the city.

HUNGRY?  Buy something at any of the restaurants on Ste-Catherine Street (a 2 minute walk away) and bring it back to enjoy as you sit in the grass at the CCA Garden.

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