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In the 1940s, the Belmont was a tavern frequented by local blue-collar workers. Since then its come in and out of prominence, but in 2010 it appears to be coming all the way back into Montreal nightlife relevance. Somehow it has managed to keep some of its no-nonsense roots while also playing host to some of the most buzzed-about musical acts out there…

The first sign that this might be a place for an entirely unfussy beer can be found directly upon entering the Belmont. You walk into a room filled with a bar, pool table and TVs and the type crowd that you’d expect to find there. Want to watch a hockey game? Perfect spot. Friday at 5pm is the domain of this crowd but, in general, if there isn’t a weekly night or specific music event, this is what you should expect.

It’s further down the hall that you’ll find what is basically an entirely different Belmont. One that often seems to have nothing to do with the other one. A quick scan of the photo and video included with this post should make it pretty clear which one is which. In the last year, this Belmont has been emerged as one of the more varied venues on St-Laurent. In the last month alone they’ve had both Yatch and Neon Indian roll through. It’s also this Belmont that hosts installments in the MEC Plus Ultra series, the twice-a-month out-of-the-village gay night that is always fun, no matter who you prefer kissing. (Next one to make sure to mark on your calendar features an April 3rd DJ set from The xx). But the Belmont’s flagship night is clearly the “Heartbreaker” Thursday nights run by Mary Hell and guests, which are always packed to the rafters with plenty of pretty people getting down to electro, techno and house.

If you ask me, the fact both of these Belmonts can exist under the same roof is more than reason enough to love Montreal’s nightlife scene.


4483 St-Laurent, (514) 845-8443

Keys N Krates at the Belmont in Montreal, Canada from Tristan Brand on Vimeo.


  1. Daniel Baylis

    / Mar 17th

    Yes, I believe it was the gays that brought it back to life. #JustSayin

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