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In a single sports post about the PBR Bull Riders Tour, Montreal’s boxing phenom Lucian Bute and his upcoming title defense, plus an appearance from the Harlem Globetrotters, I believe I’ve managed to quadruple the testosterone levels of this entire blog…

Before going any further, I should make it clear that by no means are these man-only events- women make up a large part of the fanbase in all three cases. It’s simply that this trio of “Bs”- bull-riding, boxing and basketball (one might posit that “beer” is also applicable) will score high on the “man index”. If this were Twitter, I might add #dudestuff or #brodown to underscore the point.

Bull Riding: Let’s start with the cowboys. The Professional Bull Riders Tour, at the Bell Centre on March 12, invites audiences to “get tough with the toughest sport on Earth”. One look at the video below is enough to convince me that they might be right. These riders, who hail from all over the world (and Quebec!) are rock stars to their avid fans, but the obvious stars of the show are the 1700-pound beasts that the riders try to hold on to for the 8 seconds necessary to advance to the next round.

Boxing: Though more mano e mano than mano e toro, boxers are clearly no less tough. And Montreal’s Lucian Bute has the accolades to prove it. Bute, who was born in Romania but now lives and trains in Montreal, is the IBF Super Middleweight Champion, boasting a record of 27-0 (22 KOs) and considered by many to be the best Super Middleweight boxer in the world. But his title defence in front of a hometown crowd on March 19 will be no walk in the park- he fights Ireland’s very tough Brian Magee (34-3-1, 24 KOs, IBF #8). The match’s undercard is also pretty stacked with talented, up-and-coming Quebec fighters, making this clearly a great evening of boxing for fight fans.

Basketball: To wind down this sports-heavy post with something entirely less blood-thirsty, the Harlem Globetrotters are coming to Montreal with 2 shows on April 2. The clown princes of basketball put on a show for the whole family (10-year-old me heartily agrees with this statement), mixing basketball, comedy and all manner of over-the-top theatrics. Though not traditionally competitive (the Globetrotters have a 98.4% winning percentage, coming mostly at the hands of the perennially inept Washington Generals) and the showmanship is always centre-stage (they’ve recently introduced the 4-point shot taken from 35 feet out), it’s important to note that the players are all college and street ball stars with serious, serious skills.


  1. Don Smith

    / Dec 9th

    Wherre do we send official press releases to? Thank You

  2. admin

    / Dec 14th

    You can find his email address under his name on the profiles.

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