Café Local’s Pulled Pork Poutine

Posted on April 24th, 2009 by .

Café Local occupies prime real estate on the most Mile-Endy of Mile End streets: St-Viateur. The relaxed hotspot is not just perfect for whiling away the early evening hours, it’s home to a signature dish that’s been setting off delicious warning signals on my food radar for a while now…

On St-Viateur, one of the Mile-End’s most lively thoroughfares, is Café Local. It has an inviting, comfortable interior and an affordable, interesting menu with nightly specials like their make your own Mac’n’Cheese night (I add bacon while my girlfriend adds arugula).

In the summer it’s the vine-covered, perfect-for-people-watching patio that will draw you in. Once you’re in, it’s the cocktail menu and jug-like pints of Hoegaarden that will hold your attention while late afternoon turns to night. Which is the perfect time to explore the limits of your stomach with one of the most intense and excessive versions of Montréal’s famous poutine: the pulled-pork poutine. I’ve been fascinated and intimidated by it since Café Local opened.

On this night, I went man-vs-poutine and only one of us was left standing… See it for yourself.

Café Local

200 St-Viateur St. W.

Tel: 514-274-3651


  1. Amanda

    / May 3rd

    When is the Mac’n’ cheese night?

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