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When celebrities come to Montreal, they’re just like normal tourists. Take Jake Gyllenhaal for example. When he was here filming Source Code, he stayed in a hotel, played with his dog, ate in restaurants and shopped in stores. The only difference is that, when celebs do it, we take detailed mental notes and then blab about them to our friends. Here are some recent Celeb sightings in Montreal…

If you loved my first post about Celebrity-Spotting, here’s round-up number two. If you have anything to add to this list, send me an email [info@patriciagajo.com] and let me know. You may get your own 15 minutes of fame in a future post…

RESTAURANTS: Well, we all know what Ethan Hawke did in Montreal when he was still married to Uma Thurman. A certain bartender at the Globe (whom shall remain nameless – if you don’t already know her – because we protect our own) got more than a great tip, if you know what I mean… Robert DiNiro, Ben Affleck and George Clooney have also been known to dine at this St-Laurent hotspot, but I can’t confirm if they got lucky too.

Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson was spotted enjoying a meal at Martin Picard’s Au Pied Du Cochon restaurant. Something tells me she had the poutine with foie gras. And Nana Mouskouri celebrated this past Valentine’s Day at Le Renoir (at Sofitel) with her hubby. I also heard that Justin Bieber had dinner at supperclub L’Orignal, though everyone that works there seems to deny it. When I interviewed fashion designer-cum-hotelier Georges Marciano not too long ago (he now owns and lives at L’Hotel), he told me he likes to have an early dinner at L’Appartment.

Montreal Canadiens’ fans may be interested to know that Andrei Markov has checked out the terrasse at Pois Penche more than once, P.K. Subban (pictured above with my pal Lolitta) brunches at Eggspectation (both places are on de Maisonneuve ouest), and I recently saw Mike Cammalleri at Le Filet. What a charmer!

A Montreal Buzz colleague also saw Johnny Depp from her Mile End apartment window entering Milos restaurant. (She’s a writer, too, so spends a lot of time looking out of windows.) Surprise, surprise, he was wearing all black and a fedora. Said colleague also informed me that she later learned that his partner in crime Vanessa Paradis was with him.

SHOPS AND SERVICES: Last November Jean Paul Gaultier shopped (solo!) at Era Vintage in Little Burgundy. Shop owner Elaine Lavaille (pictured with JPG above) said he chatted and gave style advice to another shopper, who didn’t recognize him. “He was like my assistant in a way!” says Lavaille, explaining that someone in Paris had told Gaultier about her boutique. He picked up things for his friends, asking for “something special, something with an idea or personality.”

For that tan he sported in 300, Gerard Butler went to Bronzage Extreme Solar Lounge (5619 Parc Avenue, Mile End), along with a slew (300?) of cast members. Two more quick tidbits here: Angelina Jolie got a tattoo at Adrenaline on Sherbrooke Street West and Penelope Cruz was spotted shopping at Roots on St-Catherine Street.

HOTELS: Classic French beauty and Chanel face Carole Bouquet stayed at Sofitel. Drew Barrymore was a guest at Hotel Vogue. But Montreal’s most memorable hotel visit may always be the late and great Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton (pictured above) on a break from filming Cleopatra, whom she married in a luxurious suite at the Ritz-Carlton– and the rumour goes the lovely violet-eyed superstar ordered a witness for her wedding ceremony from Room Service. Fancy that.

NIGHTLIFE: Mad Men cast member, Montrealer-turned-LA-transplant Jessica Paré graced Beaver Hall with an appearance at Papillon Rose (1071 Beaver Hall, Old Montreal). Recent Grammy winners Arcade Fire are (were?) regulars at Sala Rossa, Sparrow, and a certain Mile End restaurant that I have sworn not to divulge.

The aforementioned colleague (she’s a veritable girl about town) has also seen two more big screen stars. First, Cate Blanchett at Copacabana. I quote: “I was enjoying some adult beverages at Copa and saw a woman who looked like her, but she was in a dive bar and had really, really short hair. I didn’t think Cate Blanchett would be slumming it with the locals. I thought maybe it was just the gin talking so I didn’t tell anyone I was with – until the next day when I read online that she was in town for I’m Not There. Anyway, she looked like a diamond in the rough.”

Second, Kirsten Dunst at Green Room (a.k.a. Salon Vert). Here’s another juicy quote: “I bartended there for a while. One night I was cleaning the bathrooms and a drunk girl I barely knew was complaining about this guy that she was sleeping with who only called her after last call. A slurred voice from inside a bathroom stall chimed in. It was a blanket generalization about how men suck or something. Then, the girl stepped out and it was Kirsten Dunst. I guess it was around closing time because last call came and Kirsten asked us if she and some friends could keep drinking in the bar after hours, but my boss said ‘No.’ He had to see a lady instead.” All this to say, Montrealers may take note of visiting celebrities, but we do have our priorities in check.


Photo Credit: Jake Gyllenhal, Jake-Weird, Liz Taylor- The Canadian Press/AP

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