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There are certain venues that have become so familiar to locals, that we forget what is so great about them.  For me, the Château Dufresne Museum is undoubtely one such place.  As a Montreal child I was reguralry dragged to the Château for my school’s bi-annual “artsy day trip”.  As you’d imagine, at twelve years old, my interest for Art Deco was, well, let’s say overshadowed by other aesthetical issues.  Things have changed since, and so have my artistic sensibilities.  

Built during the first World War, this Beaux-Arts style building was originally the residence of brothers Oscar and Marius Dufresne.  Today, part of it is used as a museum space, showing different exhibitions throughout the year, while the upper floors offer a tour of the different salons, office cabinets , verandas and even an oriental smoking parlor.  Each room showcases a different style of elegance, revealing the broad taste range of the French bourgeoisie of the time. Like in most privy museums around the world, appreciating such artworks in their original setting has the distinct quality of making you feel like you’re actually travelling through time as opposed to browsing a window of luxurious antiques.  Pay special attention to the paintings on the ceilings, made by renowned artist Guido Nincheri.  Have a look at the video above to understand why Château Dufresne should be included on every deco lover’s travel list.

Musée du Château Dufresne
2929, avenue  Jeanne-d’Arc, Montréal, H1W 3W2

Close to: Botanical Garden, Olympic Stadium.



  1. Alex

    / Oct 14th

    Nice…! I will go!

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