Cheap & Classy ::: 5 Free Things to do in Montréal

Posted on May 25th, 2009 by .

The newspaper headlines warn us each day of economic calamity. But even in tough times, we still need a bit of exploration to satiate our wanderlust. Besides, a true recessionista knows that a little ‘economical crisis’ shouldn’t stand in the way of adventure!

Travel does not have to break the bank. Here’s how to keep it cheap, yet classy on your trip to Montréal…

1. Imagine: The Peace Ballad of John & Yoko (Museum of Fine Arts) – 140 works on display include drawings, unpublished photographs, videos, films, artworks and interactive materials that convey the famous couple’s message of universal peace. Running until June 21st.

2. Tam Tams – At the base of the Mount Royal Park, you’ll find the rhythm of the city. Starting around noon each Sunday, you can dance to an army of drummers while bartering for trinkets from earth-lovin’ vendors. Score a unique Montréal souvenir from an authentic Montréal experience. Click here for a map…

3. Festivals –Whether it’s a free outdoor movie during the World Film Festival or a world-class Drag performance during Divers/cite, no matter what the festival, there are always complimentary activities to get you into… errr… keep you out of trouble. Click on the link to see what’s happening during your trip!

4. Park Mount Royal– Offering what is arguably the best view of the city, this is a ‘must-see’ on any Montréal itinerary – not only is it free, but you’ll so burn off that poutine you ate the night before! Head up to the Kondiaronk Lookout and grab a photo of you with the city-scape as the backdrop. Click here for a map…

5. FIREWORKS (from a patio)* – Re-connect with your inner “pyro” while braving a cheesy pick-up line (“Is it just me or are you seeing fireworks too?”) Each Saturday night from June 13th – August 22nd the summer sky glows with an international fireworks competition. Recommended patios (both appropriately named ‘Sky’): Sky Complexe (1474 Saint Catherine Street East, Gay Village) or Sky Verses (106 Saint Paul Street West, Old Montréal).

*Okay, so you’ll probably have to buy a drink, but if you work your magic, maybe you can get a cute local to buy one for you!

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