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Super blogger and business mogul, Chris Brogan was visiting Montréal this week. The Montreal Buzz had the chance to catch up with him at the Germain Hotel, to talk business and social media. Brogan was in company of Julien Smith, the (very handsome) Montreal writer with whom he wrote Trust Agents, or, the New York Times bestseller known to grant people very handy information on how to build a solid presence and positive reputation online.

Afer our little chat, Brogan gave a keynote presentation at Infopresse’s Rendez-Vous Web. As expected, the talk was applauded by all businesses in attendance. I took advantage of the post-conference cocktail to survey the participants and concluded that everyone really enjoyed the personal doodles that Brogan used as visuals.

So I went ahead and stole them from his Linkedin profile, for your greatest enjoyment. Just below the slideshare, are some of the main points that really resonated with me from Chris’ address.

– Don’t just write content for your own pleasure, produce content that others can use. Empower your community.

– Realize the importance of listening. Grow bigger ears in 10 minutes

– Nurture your database daily. Don’t wait until you need a network to start building one.

– The tools don’t matter. As soon as you hear about a tool, it will be obsolete.

– If you have 2 hours to spend on social media, here’s how you should divide it: 30 min listening, 1 hour connecting, 30 min publishing.

– The only thing better than content, is recorded content. Remember, written content is good for SEO purposes and for Google crawlers.

– Be yourself.

Finally, Chris, Julien and I chatted about the future of journalism. My favorite Brogan quote of the day was:

“Julien didn’t say he checked the Gazette this morning to find out what was happening in Montréal, he said: I checked Foursquare”.

Chris Brogan’s blog is a gold mine if you want to learn more about how you can benefit from the social media tools the internet has to offer. His blog is in the Technorati Top 100 and the Advertising Age Top 5.

He also builds strategies for businesses seeking to engage their community via the social web thanks to his agency, New Marketing Labs. Interestingly enough, Molson, Canada’s oldest brewer (from Montréal) is one of his clients.

You can obivously find both Chris and Julien on Twitter, @chrisbrogan and @julien.

And if you need help planning your trip to Montréal, or need any advice as to what to do, where to stay, or where to eat in the city, don’t ever be shy to reach out to me @tamyemmapepin.

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